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The Inland Revenue has ruled that the Economic History Society can reclaim the tax paid by members on their subscription to the Society under the Gift Aid Scheme.  This means that we can recover 25p for every £1.00 you have paid in subscriptions to the Society over the previous five years.  This means that £21 can be turned into £26.25 just so long as donations are made through Gift Aid.

There is no requirement to complete declarations on an annual basis – Gift Aid will continue to be claimed unless we are advised by you otherwise.


Please note that:

  • You must pay an amount of UK income tax and/or capital gains tax at least equal to the tax that we reclaim on your subscriptions in the tax year.
  • You can cancel your declaration at any time by notifying us.
  • If in the future your circumstances change and you no longer pay tax you can cancel your declaration.
  • If you pay tax at the higher rate you can claim further tax relief in your Self-Assessment tax return.


In order to claim this money the Revenue require us to obtain a declaration from you, so if your subscriptions are eligible to be treated as Gift Aid and you wish us to claim the tax paid, please contact the administrators.