Yitong Qiu (London School of Economics)

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Yitong is a fourth year PhD candidate in Economic History at LSE. She examines the material culture and economic and social history of East and Central Asia, in particular on the history of underrepresented groups and China’s modernization process. Her PhD thesis, Power and identity: a study of the economic and social life of Qing elites through confiscation inventories 1700 to 1912, is the first cross geographical and proto-ethnical study on Qing household possessions. In addition, she is also interested in the study of the institutional and legal history of Qing China to understand the nature of the rule. She investigates the confiscation process, a tool used by both the central plain and the steppe rulers. She holds a BA in Economics & History from Mount Holyoke College, USA, and MSc in Economic History (Research) at LSE.