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Wool smuggling from England’s eastern seaboard, c.1337–1345: an illicit economy in the late Middle Ages

24 Jan, 2022
by Matt Raven (University of Nottingham) This blog is based on the author’s article recently published on early view...

Indian cotton textiles and British industrialisation

18 Jan, 2022
by Alka Raman (London School of Economics) This blog is based on the author’s article which was recently published...

Poverty, Pollution, and Mortality: The 1918 Influenza Pandemic in a Developing German Economy

13 Jan, 2022
by Richard Franke (University of Bayreuth) This blog is based on the author’s presentation to the Economic History Society...

Cyberpunk Victoria

23 Dec, 2021
by Marc Flandreau (University of Pennsylvania and Wharton School) & Geoffroy Legentilhomme (University of Zurich) This blog is based...