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Becoming a Central Bank : how the English financial system matured dramatically in the first decade of the 19th century

22 Sep, 2021
by Carolyn Sissoko (Bristol Business School) This blog is based on the author’s forthcoming article in the Economic History...

Reflections on the Economic History Society’s Inaugural PhD Thesis Workshop

17 Sep, 2021
by Tehreem Hussain (University College London) This workshop was supported by the Economic History Society. The Economic History Society...

Beyond the male breadwinner: family living standards of intact and disrupted English working families, 1260-1850

8 Sep, 2021
by Sara Horrell (London School of Economics), Jane Humphries (University of Oxford), Jacob Weisdorf (Sapienza University of Rome) This...

Credit Risk in Colonial India

1 Sep, 2021
by Maanik Nath (Utrecht University) This blog is based on the author’s article which has been published in the...