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The Politics of Pollution: An Environmental History of Britain during and after The First World War

30 Oct, 2023
By Beto Wetter (University of Oxford) This blog post reflects ongoing research supported by the EHS Research Fund for...

A tribute: Professor Nicholas Crafts CBE FBA 1949-2023

11 Oct, 2023
Nick Crafts was the most distinguished British economic historian of his generation. He was born in 1949 at Nottingham,...

Professor Nicholas Crafts CBE 1949-2023

10 Oct, 2023
The members of the Economic History Society are deeply saddened by the death of Professor Nick Crafts. We send...

Why Lancashire? Banking as the Spark that Set Off Industrialization

5 Oct, 2023
By Carolyn Sissoko (University of the West of England) This blog is based on a paper presented at the...

Brazilian labour productivity in manufacturing relative to the US, 1912–2019

4 Oct, 2023
By Cecilia Lara (Universidad de la República, Montevideo) and Svante Prado (University of Gothenburg) This blog post is based...

Working to Death: Status and Mortality in a Managerial Hierarchy

21 Sep, 2023
By Tom Nicholas (Harvard Business School) This blog post is based upon the author’s article, ‘Status and mortality: Is...