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Introducing the new edition of 20th Century Britain: Economic, Cultural and Social Change

4 Apr, 2024
In this post to celebrate the start of the Economic History Society annual conference in 2024, Nicole Robertson of...

History of Economics Society – Growth and Outreach Fund

15 Jan, 2024
The HES has recently launched a new program designed, among other things, to support initiatives that promote cross-disciplinary engagement...

The impact of empire on U.S. exports before WWII

14 Dec, 2023
By Antonio Tena Junguito (Universidad Carlos III de Madrid) and Maria Isabel Restrepo Estrada (Universidad de Antioquia). This blog...

The race between education and technology in the Global South

12 Dec, 2023
In this blog post, Ewout Frankema of Wageningen University & Research and Marlous van Waijenburg of Harvard Business School...

The Politics of Pollution: An Environmental History of Britain during and after The First World War

30 Oct, 2023
By Beto Wetter (University of Oxford) This blog post reflects ongoing research supported by the EHS Research Fund for...

A tribute: Professor Nicholas Crafts CBE FBA 1949-2023

11 Oct, 2023
Nick Crafts was the most distinguished British economic historian of his generation. He was born in 1949 at Nottingham,...