Schools & colleges

Schools and Colleges Committee

The Committee aims to promote interest in economic and social history in schools and colleges and to maintain good lines of communication between teachers of the subject at secondary and tertiary levels.

The current membership includes: Mark Crosher, Karin Dannehl, Judy Stephenson (chair) Caroline Withall and  Peter Yeandle.

Resources for schools

ReFRESHRecent Findings of Research in Economic and Social History. The series, published in pamphlet form twice-yearly between 1985-2001, and amounting to 30 issues in all, was designed to help history teachers keep abreast of current developments in economic and social history. The 30 issues are available on-line as pdf files.

e-ReFRESH: designed to remain abreast with electronic times, e-ReFRESH, in analogy to the ReFRESH series, offers insights into current research and thought in economic and social history.

Contact the Chair of the Committee if you would be interested in producing materials for this series.

Podcasts: Links to the Tawney Lecture podcasts, teaching podcasts and other podcasts of interest can be found on the podcast page.

Stand Out and Be Counted: a vibrant guide, launched by The British Academy’s Quantitative Skills Programme, signalling the value of data-handling skills to sixth formers and undergraduate students. The booklet is particularly aimed at those studying Humanities and Social Sciences.

The foremost port of call for History in general for teachers and learners of History is The Historical Association.

Schools conferences

See an example of what the programme of a schools conference might look like.

Contact the Chair of the Committee if you would be interested in organising a schools conference.