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Visiting Scholars Programme – Vinson Centre, University of Buckingham

We welcome visiting scholars who wish to undertake research at the Vinson Centre (University of Buckingham) for 4 – 6 weeks in 2024. We have a superb history of economic thought library (the Hayek Library) which visiting scholars can use for the duration of their stay. The ‘Hayek Library’ comprises several personal collections of books, pamphlets and journals in the Classical Liberal tradition in economics, methodology and political theory; including collections from E. G. West, M. Blaug, R. Roberts, M. Beloff, N. Barry and R. Harris, as well as volumes from the Institute of Economic Affairs’ historical catalogue. You may wish to consider a period as a visiting scholar if you are working on a book or other publication and you are willing to make a presentation to our staff and network at the end of your stay. Please, contact the Director of the Vinson Centre, Juan Castaneda, if you would like to become a visiting scholar or had any query on this programme.

We welcome applications in any area in Classical Liberal Economics, but in particular in the following topics/fields: History of Economic Thought, History of Ideas, Money and the Government, Government spending/taxation, Regulation. Free Trade and Economic Growth, Alternatives to State Education.

Duration: 4-6 weeks

Location: Vinson Centre (University of Buckingham). Buckingham (Hunter Street campus, MK18 1EG). UK.

Accommodation will be provided in campus at no cost. Stipend available for travel costs within the UK.

No payment will be made by the Centre.

Email for enquiries/applications:

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