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The conference programme committee welcomes proposals for entire sessions of 1.5-2 hours duration on all aspects of economic and social history covering a wide range of periods and countries and, particularly, papers of an interdisciplinary nature. No more than 4 papers will be accepted for any one session.

Session organisers should submit their session proposal first, and then all speakers in the session can submit their paper proposals using the normal academic paper submission process. On that form, they will be able to indicate that their paper is in a session and select the session as part of that process.

Please note that the committee reserves the right to determine which papers will be presented in the session if it is accepted. Each paper will be reviewed by the committee according to the same standards as individual paper submissions. If the session is accepted but one or more of the proposed papers is not, then the committee may assign an appropriate replacement. If a session is not accepted, the committee may incorporate one or more of the proposed papers into other sessions. Preference will be given to sessions that are gender balanced and bring together individuals from more than one university.

Proposals should be submitted online via the link below. You will be asked to submit:

  • Contact details of the session organiser
  • A brief academic CV
  • The proposed title of the session
  • The proposed session authors (including contact details and proposed paper titles)
  • A short 100-word justification for the session
  • A proposed chair for the session


Submit a session