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Date / time
26/02/2021 - 03/03/2021, All day

The Arts and Humanities Research Council and Research Libraries UK invite you to attend a townhall meeting to shape future funding frameworks and research programmes, in support of collaboration between academic libraries and researchers.

These townhalls are in support of a major RLUK scoping study  which, in partnership with the AHRC, explores the role and potential of research libraries as partners and leaders of academic research. The townhalls will investigate the development of cross-sector collaboration between academics, scholars, and research and academic libraries in order to provide better support and more meaningful partnerships. This includes the constituent parts of many research and academic libraries, or organisations closely associated with them, such as archives, special collections, and university museums.

The aim is to create a compelling vision of the future research library that:

  • Provides quality support for research in AHSS subjects through working in partnership
  • Increases collaborative opportunities for researchers
  • Develops new partnerships actively involving library staff
  • Responds to future skills and resource needs effectively
  • Grows and utilises library expertise, especially in digital scholarship
  • Creates new funding frameworks for work in the field

The 60 minutes of this interactive meeting will comprise presentations, discussion and a question and answer session.

You can register your interest here.