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Date / time
01/03/2021 - 10/05/2021, 12:00 am

The British Agricultural History Society, in common with other Societies, is unable to hold its annual conference at Easter. In its place it announces a series of afternoon seminars in March through to early May. Full details can be found on the BAHS website but, to give a flavour, the titles of the sessions are:

Monday 1 March 2021, ‘Water under the feet: new perspectives on watery landscapes’

Monday 15 March 2021, ‘Agriculture on the hoof’ 

Monday 29 March, ‘Colonial rule: Aspects of the British impact on Indian rural society’

Monday 26 April, ‘Ploughing a literary furrow: popular writing about twentieth century English agriculture’ 

Monday 10 May, ‘Welsh landlords and Welsh society in person and at a distance’

On Monday 12 April there will be three papers before the Society’s AGM, on the conflicts provoked by attempts to manage Salmon in the nineteenth century, on the contribution of the police to the agricultural war effort in the First World War and a lecture by Professor Annie Tindley on ‘Landed responses to land reform in Scotland and Ireland, c. 1860 to 1903’.

The seminars are free to all interested, but registration (through the Society’s website) is necessary. For those unable to see the seminars ‘live’, they will be posted for a period on the Society’s You Tube channel. Details of these arrangements will follow later.