Rare Voices in Economic History Pre-WEHC Young Scholars Workshop

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Date / time
23/07/2022, 9:00 am - 7:30 pm

Centre des colloques
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The YSI Economic History (EH) and YSI Africa Working Groups will lead a young scholar workshop on the occasion of the World Economic History Congress in Paris this summer. The World Economic History Congress (WEHC) is the major international event for our global community.

The workshop offers a one-day experience for early-career researchers with mentorship from the YSI EH and Africa community alumni and senior economic historians, including Africanists.

The central theme of this workshop is the inclusion of rare voices in economic history. While economic history has been biased toward European and American economic history, this workshop focuses especially on African history and South American, Turkish, and Indian economic history.

Each participant will briefly present a pre-circulated paper for a maximum of 20 minutes, followed by questions and comments from a pre-assigned senior commentator for around 5 minutes, finishing with a 10-minute Q&A session. We will also have a skills session where we will discuss and explain how to produce high-quality research, and publish in impact journals, benefiting from recommendations and advice from worldwide recognised professionals in their disciplines on how to build a career for young researchers.

Finally, this pre-WEHC workshop will allow its participants to communicate across different economic history topics and disciplinary barriers. In addition, it will enable them to share their research in a unique international and professional environment.

The event will be held in Paris on the day 23 of July from 9 am to approximately 7:30 pm. You can check the program here.

We invite all interested in the topic or any session within the programme to attend the workshop. To attend, please register your interest by filling out the following form.


The Economic History Working Group and African Working Group organisers.