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Date / time
14/04/2021, 5:00 pm - 6:30 pm


The EHS Women’s Committee is hosting a book club on 14 April 2021 from 5pm, via Zoom. The event will discuss a new book, Female Entrepreneurs in the Long Nineteenth Century: A Global Perspective, by Jennifer Aston and Catherine Bishop [eds], and approaches to the history female entrepreneurs more broadly.


Sharing some of the methodological approaches used in our global collaboration on nineteenth-century female entrepreneurship, this Book Club will hear about the challenges and opportunities that we faced as part of a 20-member team of scholars examining women in business across the globe in the long nineteenth century. In 2019 we came together in person and via skype to produce a workshop on global female entrepreneurship, an edited volume Female Entrepreneurs in the Long Nineteenth Century: A Global Perspective (Palgrave Macmillan, 2020) and a digital research hub and international network focusing on scholarship on women in management and enterprise (ReWOMEN). First, the co-organiser of the conference (and co-editor of the book) Jennifer Aston (Northumbria University) will speak to the inspiration and planning behind this groundbreaking endeavour, then participants Beatrice Craig (University of Ottawa), Carry Van Lieshout (Open University) and Susan Lewis (State University New York) will briefly discuss the methodologies they employed and how this global collaboration challenged what had previously been regionally focused analyses. This will be followed by a broader discussion about the historiography and methodologies of female business ownership and future avenues of collaboration and research.


The first chapter of the book is available via Open Access.