Forthcoming article, ‘Explorations in European Urban History’

February 16, 2021 | News
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Sub-titled ‘Perspectives from Leicester’, this article considers the development of urban history through four themes with European links: Scholarship; Friendship; Partnership; and Trusteeship. The article explores UK post-1945 domestic political agendas, and the demand for and expansion of capacity in the UK university sector. This and the interest in social science-based courses was enthusiastically taken up at the University of Leicester where a conjunction of interests and personnel in economic and social history centred on urban issues, both contemporary and historical. With flourishing European connections, and an active research community, Leicester urban historians developed a rich set of relationships with like-minded individuals in continental European universities through EU research grants, collaborative teaching and publishing, and conference initiatives.  Scholarship, Friendship, Partnership, and Trusteeship were fostered through the Centre for Urban History (@CUHLeicester) founded in 1985 and established in College House (below), the former Vice-Chancellor’s residence and the boyhood home of Sir David Attenborough…


Full article available here.