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The conference programme committee welcomes paper proposals from new researchers on all aspects of economic and/or social history covering a wide range of periods and countries, and particularly welcomes papers of an interdisciplinary nature and papers from women and other under-represented groups.

The annual conference opens with papers presented by new researchers.  They offer those completing (or who have recently completed) doctorates the opportunity to present their work before professional colleagues and to benefit from informed comment.  Speakers who have participated in a New Researcher session at a previous Economic History Society annual conference should please submit a proposal to present a paper in the Academic session. However, they may be shifted to the New Researcher session if there is space.

Those wishing to be considered for inclusion in the programme must submit, by 18 September 2023, the following:

  • A short CV (which should include: academic qualifications, current position and/or programme of study, conference papers and publications)
  • Abstract title
  • Abstract summary (min 300; max 500 words); this should include:
    • Outline of the question to be asked
    • Summary of methods and sources
    • Probable conclusions
    • Research progress

You will also be asked to provide the intended date for submission of the thesis (or the date when you achieved your PhD).

Proposals should please be submitted online via the link below.  Please note that proposals from researchers at an early stage of their work will not normally be accepted and applicants should consider making a proposal to the New Researcher poster session.

Those selected for inclusion in the programme will be asked to provide:
  •  A short piece for the Society’s blog, The Long Run.
  •  A paper, 2,250-2,750 words in length, to be uploaded to the conference website by 16 February 2024.  This paper will be assessed by the members of the NR Prize Committee, which will award up to two prizes of £500 for the best paper(s) presented at the conference by new researchers.*  Procedure for awarding NR prizes.

Each new researcher will have the opportunity to speak for 20 minutes, followed by 10 minutes of discussion.

The Economic History Society is able to offer a financial contribution to assist new researchers to attend the conference when this is not available from their institution. Any monies awarded would not cover travelling expenses. Please contact the Society’s administrator if you are interested in applying for a bursary.

* New researchers who have achieved their PhD by 31 December in the year preceding the conference will not be eligible for a prize, nor will co-authored papers, or those who have previously participated in a New Researcher session.

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