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Volume 39 Issue 3
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Published online: February 11, 2008DOI: 10.1111/j.1468-0289.1986.tb00416.x

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Book reviewed in this article GREAT BRITAIN R. H. Hilton and T. H. Aston (Eds.). The English Rising of 1381. Paul Slack. The Impact of Plague in Tudor and Stuart England. Anthony Fletcher and John Stevenson (Eds.). Order and Disorder in Early Modern England Barry Reay L. Charles and L. Duffin (Eds.). Women and Work in Pre-industrial England. David Large Eric Richards. A History of the Highland Clearances. Volume 2: Emigration, Protest, Reasons. David Thoms and Tom Donnelly. The Motor Car Industry in Coventry since the 1890s. John Benson Trevor Lummis. Occupation and Society: The East Anglian Fisherman, 1880-1914. Cambridge: C.U.P. 1985. Pp. XII + 210. PS22.50.) L. Margaret Barnett. British Food Policy during the First World War. Cyril Ehrlich. The Music Profession in Britain since the Eighteenth Century: A Social History. G. C. Baugh Alan Booth and Melvyn Pack. Employment, Capital and Economic Policy: Great Britain, 1918-1939. Forrest Capie and Alan Webber. A Monetary History of the United Kingdom, 1870-1982. Vol. I: Data sources and methods. GENERAL Leslie Bethell Nicholas Bullock & James Read. The Movement for Housing Reform in Germany and France, 1840-1914. Mark Harrison. Soviet Planning in Peace and War, 1938-1945- R. W. Davies Stephen Epstein. Wills and Wealth in Medieval Genoa, 1150-1250. Michel Morineau. Incroyables gazettes et fabuleux metaux: les retours des tresors americains ?apres les gazettes hollandaises Francois Crouzet. De la superiorite de lAngleterre sur la France: leconomique et limaginaire XVII’-XX’siecle. J. R. Ward. Poverty and Progress in the Caribbean, 1800-1960. S. H. F. Hickey. Workers in Imperial Germany: The Miners of the Ruhr. G. R. Hawke. The Making of New Zealand. Tarif Khalidi David Nicholas. The Domestic Life of a Medieval City: Women, Children and the Family in Fourteenth-Century Ghent. Frederic C. Lane and Reinhold C. Mueller. Money and Banking in Medieval and Renaissance Venice. Volume I. Coins and Moneys of Account. P. J. Drudy David E. Nye. Image Worlds: Corporate Identities at General Electric, 1890-1930. Ruth Milkman G. Clarence-Smith. The Third Portuguese Empire, 1825-1975: A Study in Economic Imperialism. Lewis R. Fischer and Gerald E. Panting (Eds.). Change and Adaptation in Maritime History: The North Atlantic Fleets in the Nineteenth Century. Manuel M. Fraginals, Frank M. Pons and Stanley L. Engerman (Eds.)- Between Slavery and Free Labour: The Spanish Speaking Caribbean in the Nineteenth Century Claude Markovits. Indian Business and Nationalist Politics, 1931-1939. N. J. G. Pounds. An Historical Geography of Europe, 1800-1914. Barry Eichengreen The Gold Standard In Thoty And Histoty.