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Volume 56 Issue 1
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Pages: 181-213
Published online: June 27, 2003DOI: 10.1111/1468-0289.00247

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Books reviewed: Mark Bailey, The English manor, c. 1200-c. 1500 Ian Anders Gadd and Patrick Wallis, eds., Guilds, society and economy in London, 1450-1800 Perry Gauci, The politics of trade: the overseas merchant in state and society, 1660-1720 Bridget Hill, Women alone: spinsters in England, 1660-1850 Margaret Ackrill and Leslie Hannah, Barclays, the business of banking, 1690-1996 Susanna Wade Martins, The English model farm: building the agricultural ideal, 1700-1914 Peter King, Crime, justice and discretion in England, 1740-1820 John Belchem, Merseypride: essays in Liverpool exceptionalism Trevor Griffiths, The Lancashire working classes, c. 1880-1930 Peter Clarke, The Cripps version: the life of Sir Stafford Cripps, 1889-1952 Terry Gourvish British Rail, 1974-97: from integration to privatisation Noel Thompson, Left in the wilderness: the political economy of British democratic socialism since 1979 Linda L. Clark, The rise of professional women in France: gender and public administration since 1830 Robert J. Smith, The Bouchayers of Grenoble and French industrial enterprise, 1850-1970 Jacob Meunier, On the fast track: French railway modernization and the origins of the TGV, 1944-1983 Paul Hendrix, Sir Henri Deterding and Royal Dutch-Shell: changing control of world oil, 1900-1940 J. Adam Tooze, Statistics and the German state, 1900-1945: the making of modern economic knowledge Catherine Kovesi Killerby, Sumptuary law in Italy, 1200-1500 Donald Filtzer, Soviet workers and late Stalinism: labour and the restoration of the Stalinist system after World War II Malcolm Gee and Tim Kirk, eds., Printed matters: printing, publishing and urban culture in Europe in the modern period Rudy Koshar, ed.,Histories of leisure Charles Perrow, Organising America: wealth, power, and the origins of corporate capitalism Ian Jackson, The economic Cold War: America, Britain and East-West trade, 1948-63 John Mason Hart, Empire and revolution: the Americans in Mexico since the Civil War Jan Rath, ed., Unravelling the rag trade: immigrant entrepreneurship in seven world cities Wolfgang Streeck and Kozo Yamamura, eds., The origins of nonliberal capitalism: Germany and Japan in comparison Lance E. Davis and Robert E. Gallman, Evolving financial markets and international capital flows: Britain, the Americas, and Australia, 1865-1914 Francine McKenzie, Redefining the bonds of Commonwealth, 1939-1948: the politics of preference Catherine R. Schenk, Hong Kong as an international financial centre: emergence and development, 1945-1965 Marco H.D. van Leeuwen, Ineke Maas, and Andrew Miles, HISCO: historical international standard classification of occupations Witold Kula, trans. Richard Szreter, The problems and methods of economic history Jack Birner, Pierre Garrouste, and Thierry Aimar, eds., F. A. Hayek as a political economist: economic analysis and values