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Volume 55 Issue 4
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Pages: 760-791
Published online: March 7, 2003DOI: 10.1111/1468-0289.00239

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Books Reviewed in this article: Great Britain And Ireland A. Curry and E. Matthew, eds., Concepts and patterns of service in the later middle ages, I: the fifteenth century Peter Clark and Raymond Gillespie, eds., Two capitals: London and Dublin, 1500-1840 David Hickman, ed., Lincoln wills, 1532-1534 Jill Barlow, ed., A calendar of the registers of apprentices of the city of Gloucester, 1595-1700 Todd M. Endelman, The Jews of Britain, 1656 to 2000 Madge Dresser, Slavery obscured: the social history of the slave trade in an English provincial port Thomas Sokoll, ed., Essex pauper letters, 1731-1837 Richard Rodger, The transformation of Edinburgh: land, property and trust in the nineteenth century Bernard Cronin, Technology, industrial conflict and the development of technical education in nineteenth-century England Glyn Jones, The millers: a story of technological endeavour and industrial success, 1870-2001 Jeffrey Hill, Sport. leisure and culture in twentieth-century Britain Thomas Gibson, Road haulage by motor in Britain: the first forty years Alan F. Wilt, Food for war: agriculture and rearmament in Britain before the Second World War A. Hinds, Britain’s sterling colonial policy and decolonization, 1939-1958 George Symeonidis, The effects of competition: cartel policy and the evolution of British industrial policy General Paul Cartledge, Edward E. Cohen, and Lin Foxhall, eds., Money, labour and land: approaches to the economies of ancient Greece Thomas J. Sargent and Francois R. Velde, The big problem of small change Patrick O’Brien, Marjolein ‘t Hart, Derek Keene, and Hermann Van der Wee, eds., Urban achievement in early modern Europe: golden ages in Antwerp, Amsterdam and London Stephen L. Harp, Marketing Michelin: advertising and cultural identity in twentieth-century France Tom Scott, Society and economy in Germany, 1300-1600 Jon Cohen and Giovanni Federico, The growth of the Italian economy, 1820-1960 Ken Albala, Eating right in the Renaissance Patrick Griffin, The people with no name: Ireland’s Ulster Scots, America’s Scots Irish, and the creation of a British Atlantic world, 1689-1764 Laura Rigal, The American manufactory: art, labor, and the world of things in the early republic Joshua L. Rosenbloom, Looking for work, searching for workers: American labor markets during industrialization Wyatt Wells, Antitrust and the formation of the postwar world Charles Levenstein and Gregory F. DeLaurier, with Mary Lee Dunn, The cotton dust papers: science, politics, and power in the ‘discovery’ of byssinosis in the US Timothy Curtis Jacobson and George David Smith, Cotton’s renaissance: a study in market innovation Gerardo della Paolera and Alan M. Taylor, Straining at the anchor: the Argentine Currency Board and the search for macroeconomic stability, 1880-1935 Iain McCalman, Alexander Cook, and Andrew Reeves, eds., Gold: forgotten histories and lost objects of Australia Lou Taylor, The study of dress history Luis Suarez-Villa, Invention and the rise of technocapitalism Gordon Boyce, Co-operative structures in global business: communicating, transferring knowledge and learning across the corporate frontier