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Volume 55 Issue 2
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Pages: 349-395
Published online: June 28, 2008DOI: 10.1111/1468-0289.00224

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Books Reviewed: Great Britain And Ireland Nicholas Brooks, Anglo-Saxon myths: state and church, 400-1066 Nicholas Brooks, Communities and warfare, 700-1400 J. Bothwell, P. J. P. Goldberg, and W. M. Ormrod, ((eds.)), The problem of labour in fourteenth-century England Robert Tittler, Townspeople and nation: English urban experiences, 1540-1640 L. A. Botelho, (ed.), Churchwardens’ accounts of Cratfield, 1640-1660 Christopher Chalklin, The rise of the English town, 1650-1850 J. M. Beattie, Policing and punishment in London, 1660-1750 Richard Wilson and Alan Mackley, Creating paradise: the building of the English country house, 1660-1880 M. E. Turner, J. V. Beckett, and B. Afton, Farm production in England, 1700-1914 John E. Archer, Social unrest and popular protest in England, 1780-1840 Stanley Chapman, (ed.), The autobiography of David Whitehead of Rawtenstall, 1790-1865 Ian Inkster, Colin Griffin, Jeff Hill, and Judith Rowbotham, ((eds.)), The golden age: essays in British social and economic history, 1850-1870 K. D. M. Snell and Paul S. Ell, Rival Jerusalems: the geography of Victorian religion William Kenefick, ‘Rebellious and contrary’: the Glasgow dockers, c. 1853 to c. 1932 F. M. L. Thompson, Gentrification and the enterprise culture: Britain, 1780-1980 Alan Booth, The British economy in the twentieth century Richard Whiting, The Labour Party and taxation: party identity and political purpose in twentieth-century Britain Duncan Tanner, Pat Thane, and Nick Tiratsoo, (eds.), Labour’s first century Asa Briggs, Michael Young: social entrepreneur David Kynaston, The City of London, IV: A club no more, 1945-2000 Zofia Archibald, John Davies, Vincent Gabrielsen, and G. J. Oliver, (eds.), Hellenistic economies Michael Wintle, An economic and social history of the Netherlands, 1800-1920: demographic, economic and social transition Bernd Widdig, Culture and inflation in Weimar Germany S. R. Epstein, (ed.), Town and country in Europe, 1300-1800 Peter Scholliers, (ed.), Food, drink and identity: cooking, eating and drinking in Europe since the middle ages Robert Fox and Anna Guagnini, Laboratories, workshops, and sites: concepts and practices of research in industrial Europe, 1800-1914 E. Damsgaard Hansen, European economic history: from mercantilism to Maastricht and beyond Thabit A. J. Abdullah, Merchants, mamluks, and murder: the political economy of trade in eighteenth-century Basra Russell R. Menard, Migrants, servants and slaves: unfree labor in colonial British America Mary B. Rose, Firms, networks and business values: the British and American cotton industries since 1750 Andrew Godley, Jewish immigrant entrepreneurship in New York and London, 1880-1914: enterprise and culture Donna J. Rilling, Making houses: crafting capitalism Brian Kelly, Race, class, and power in the Alabama coalfields, 1908-21 Margaret B.W. Graham and Alec T. Shuldiner, Corning and the craft of innovation Davis Dyer and Daniel Gross, The generations of Corning: the life and times of a global corporation Stanley L. Engerman and Robert E. Gallman, (eds.), The Cambridge economic history of the United States, III: the twentieth century Stan J. Liebowitz and Stephen E. Margolis, Winners, losers and Microsoft: competition and antitrust in high technology Steven Tolliday, (ed.), The economic development of modern Japan, 1868-1945: from Meiji restoration to the Second World War Alice Bullard, Exile to paradise: savagery and civilization in Paris and the South Pacific, 1790-1900 Peter Redfield, Space in the tropics: from convicts to rockets in French Guiana Robert Conlon and John Perkins, Wheels and deals: the automotive industry in twentieth-century Australia James C. Riley, Rising life expectancy: a global history Peter N. Stearns, Consumerism in world history: the global transformation of desire Angela Redish, Bimetallism: an economic and historical analysis Ted Wilson, Battles for the standard: bimetallism and the spread of the gold standard in the nineteenth century Howard Temperley, (ed.), After slavery: emancipation and its discontents Chris Wrigley, (ed.), The First World War and the international economy Andrew Britton, Monetary regimes of the twentieth century