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Volume 54 Issue 4
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Pages: 771-815
Published online: June 28, 2008DOI: 10.1111/1468-0289.00211

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Great Britain and Ireland Bruce M. S. Campbell, English seigniorial agriculture Angus J. L.Winchester, The harvest of the hills: rural life in northern England and the Scottish borders Keith Wrightson, Earthly necessities: economic lives in early modern Britain Michael Zell, ed., Early modern Kent, 1540-1640 Peter Clark, ed., The Cambridge urban history of Britain, II: 1540-1840 Tim Meldrum, Domestic service and gender, 1660-1750: life and work in the London household Julian Hoppit, A land of liberty? England, 1689-1727 Jon Stobart and Alastair Owens, eds., Urban fortunes: property and inheritance in the town, 1700-1900 Hilary Young, English porcelain, 1745-95: its makers, design, marketing and consumption Joan Lane, A social history of medicine: health, healing and disease in England, 1750-1950 Irene Maver, Glasgow David Brooke, ed., The diary of William Mackenzie: the first international railway contractor Matthew Hilton, Smoking in British popular culture, 1800-2000 Donald M. MacRaild and David E. Martin, Labour in British society, 1830-1914 Eric Hopkins, Industrialisation and society: a social history, 1830-1951 R. L. Greenhall, The making of Victorian Salford E. J. T. Collins, ed., The agrarian history of England and Wales, VII: 1850-1914 Royden J. Harrison, The life and times of Sidney and Beatrice Webb, 1858-1905: the formative years Anne Hardy, Health and medicine in Britain since 1860 Michael Moss, J. Forbes Munro, and Richard H. Trainor, University, city and state: the University of Glasgow since 1870 General David J. Mattingly and John Salmon, eds., Economies beyond agriculture in the classical world R. I. Moore, The first European revolution, c. 970-1215 Sandra Cavallo and Lyndan Warner, eds., Widowhood in medieval and early modern Europe Ross B. Emmett, ed., Great bubbles: reactions to the South Sea Bubble, the Mississippi scheme and the tulip mania affair B. W. De Vries, Of mettle and metal: from court Jews to world-wide industrialists Thomas Thorburn, The economics of transport: the Swedish case, 1780-1980 Michael R. Haines and Richard H. Steckel, eds., A population history of North America David Eltis, Stephen D. Behrendt, David Richardson, and Herbert S. Klein, eds., The trans-Atlantic slave trade: a database on CD-Rom Stanley L. Engerman and Robert E. Gallman, eds., The Cambridge economic history of the United States, II: the long nineteenth century Russell Johnston, Selling themselves: the emergence of Canadian advertising Amiya Kumar Bagchi, ed., Economy and organization: Indian institutions under the neoliberal regime Robert Bickers and Christian Henriot, eds., New frontiers: imperialism’s new communities in east Asia, 1842-1953 Carl Mosk, Japanese industrial history: technology, urbanization, and economic growth Mikio Sumiya, ed., A history of Japanese trade and industry policy David R. Meyer, Hong Kong as a global metropolis Silvia Marzagalli and Hubert Bonin, eds., Negoce, ports et oceans, XVIe-XXe siecles: melanges offerts a Paul Butel Pier Angelo Toninelli, ed., The rise and fall of state-owned enterprise in the western world Rosa-Maria Gelpi and Francois Julien-Labruyere, The history of consumer credit doctrines and practices David S. Evans and Richard Schmalensee, Paying with plastic: the digital revolution in buying and borrowing Israel M. Kirzner, The driving force of the market: essays in Austrian economics