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Volume 54 Issue 2
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Pages: 367-412
Published online: June 28, 2008DOI: 10.1111/1468-0289.00196

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Books reviewed: Great Britain and Ireland Old age in English history: past experiences, present times, Virginia Berridge Women in medieval English society, P.J.P Goldberg Trade, urban hinterlands and market integration, Phillipp Schofield Historical accounting records: a guide for archivists and researchers, Marianne Pitts The development of agrarian capitalism: land and labour in Norfolk, 1440-1580, Christorpher Dyer Figures in the landscape: rural society in England, 1500-1700, Adam Fox Migration and society in Britain, 1550-1830, Peter Clark British clubs and societies, 1580-1800: the origins of an associational world, Craig Muldrew Nature contested: environmental history in Scotland and northern England since 1600, Ian Whyte The development of London as a financial centre, Forrest Capie The country housewife’s family companion (1750), Joan Thirsk Nature’s governement: science imperial Britain, and the ‘improvement’ of the world, John Gascoigne Gales: a study in brewing, business and family history, Terry Gourvish Fighting words: working-class formation, collective action, and discourse in early nineteenth-century England, Owen Jackson Striking a bargain: work and industrial relations in England, 1815-1865, Julian Davies Patterns of philanthropy, charity and society in nineteenth-century Bristol, Alan Kidd Merchants to multinationals: British trading companies in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, Peter Cain The global cigarette, origins and evolution of British American Tabacco, 1880-1945, B.W.E. Alford Poor women’s lives: gender, work, and poverty in late-Victorian London, Sheila Blackburn More than munitions: women, work and the engineering industries, 1900-1950:, Gail Braybon Austerity in Britain: rationing, controls, and consumption, 1939-1955, Peter Howlett March of the matrons: military influence on the British civilian nursing profession, 1939-1969, Peter Mohr The British economy since 1945: engaging with the debate, Scott Newton Crises revolutions: and self-sustained growth: essays in European fiscal history, 1130-1830, Henry Roseveare The rise of cites in north-west Europe, Gervase Rosser Privilege and the politics of taxation in eighteenth-century France; liberte, fiscalite, Morag Martin Histoire agraire de la France au XVIIIe siecle: inerties et changments dans les capagnes francaises entre 1715 et 1815, Hugh Clout French anti-slavery: the movement for the abolition of slavery in France, 1802-1848, Pamela Pilbeam The modernist enterprise: French elites and the threat of modernity, 1900-1940, Jackie Clarke Industrial culture and bourgeois sociey: business, labour, and bureaucracy in modern Germay, Joseph Melling The chameleon state: hlobal culture and policy shifts in Britain and Germany, 1914-1933, Theo Balderston An economic history of Sweden, Ollie Krantz Silver, trade and war: Spain and America in the making of early modern Europe, Henry Kamen Imagining consumers: design and innovation from Wedgewood to Corning, Cheryl Buckley Reinventing free labor: padrones and immigrant workers in the Norh American West, 1880-1930,Karen Jones Boodless victories: the rise and fall of the open shop in the Philadelphia metal trades, 1890-1940, Neil A. Wynn Essays on the great depression, Peter Fearon Airline excutives and federal regulation: case studies in American enterprise from the airmail era to the dawn of the jet age, Michael French Modern forests: statemaking and environmental change in colonial eastern India, John M. Mackenzie The Japanese economy, John F. Wilson Australia in the global economy: coninunity and change, Bernard Attard The great divergence: Europe, China and the making of modern world economy, Philip Richardson Terms of labor: slavery, serdom, and free labor,Kenneth Morgan The legacy of Frederich von Hayek, vols I: Politics; II: Philosophy; III, Economics, Roger Middleton The challenge of global captalism: the world economy int 21st century, Clive H. Lee General Mark Ormrod, Margaret Bonney, & Richard Bonney, eds. Crises, revolutions and self-sustained growth Adriaan Verhulst. The rise of cities in north-west Europe Michael Kwass. Privilege and the politics of taxation in eighteenth-century France Gerard Beaur. Histoire agraire de la France au XVIIIe siecle Lawrence C. Jennings. French anti-slavery Marjorie A. Beale. The modernist enterprise Jurgen Kocka. Industrial culture and bourgeois society Tien-lung Liu. The chameleon state Lars Magnusson. An economic history of Sweden Stanley J. Stein & Barbara H. Stein. Silver, trade and war Regina Lee Blaszczyk. Imagining consumers Gunther Peck. Reinventing free labor Howell John Harris. Bloodless victories Ben S. Bernanke. Essays on the great depression W. David Lewis, ed. Airline executives and federal regulation K. Sivaramakrishnan. Modern forests David Flath. The Japanese economy David Meredith & Barrie Dyster. Australia in the global economy Kenneth Pomeranz. The great divergence Stanley L. Engerman, ed. Terms of labor Peter J. Boettke, ed. The legacy of Frederich von Hayek Robert Gilpin with Jean Millis Gilpin. The challenge of global capitalism