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Volume 53 Issue 4
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Pages: 821-852
Published online: June 28, 2008DOI: 10.1111/1468-0289.00180

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Books reviewed: Great Britian and Ireland Mary H.M. Hulton, ed. Coventry and its people in the 1520s S.H. Rigby Patricia Crawford & Laura Gowing, eds. Women’s worlds in seventeenth-century England Robert B. Shoemaker Richard Price. British society, 1680-1880 Julian Hoppit Adrian Randall & Andrew Charlesworth, eds. Moral economy and popular protest John Walter John Atkins, Bob Hammond & Peter Roper. A village transformed: Keyworth, 1750-1850 Philip Riden Christine Hallas. Rural responses to industrialization S.A. Caunce W.M. Mathew. Keiller’s of Dundee D.J. Oddy Ranald C. Michie. The London Stock Exchange W.A. Thomas John K. Walton. Blackpool Trevor Griffiths Christopher Breward. The hidden consumer Sean O’Connell David J. Starkey, ed. Shipping movements in the ports of the United Kingdom, 1871-1913 Adrian Jarvis Desmond King. In the name of liberalism Michael E. Rose Diana Gittins. Madness in its place Susan Burt A.E. Holmans. Demand management in Britain, 1953-1958 Jim Tomlinson R.F. Bretherton. Demand management, 1958-1964 Jim Tomlinson Alec Cairncross. Diaries: the Radcliffe Committee and the Treasury, 1961-1964 Jim Tomlinson Judith M. Brown & Wm. Roger Louis, eds. The Oxford history of the British empire, IV Nicholas J. White General General David Nicholas. The transformation of Europe, 1300-1600 Penelope Galloway Karl Gunnar Persson. Grain markets in Europe, 1500-1900 Richard Sheldon Kostas P. Kostis, ed. Modern banking in the Balkans and west-European capital M.R. Palairet Peter Gatrell. A whole empire walking Barbara Alpern Engel Lena Andersson-Skog & Ollie Kranze, eds. Institutions in the transport and communications industries Robert Millward William E. Van Vugt. Britain to America R.A. Burchell Edwin J. Perkins. Wall Street to Main Street Geofrey T. Mills Margaret Chowning. Wealth and power in provincial Mexico Brian Hamnett Rudi Colloredo-Mansfeld. The native leisure class Paulo Drinot 845 T.N. Harper. The end of empire and the making of Malaya Ian Brown Hanchao Lu. Beyond the neon lights Henrietta Harrison 847 Paul L. Robertson, ed. Authority and control in modern industry Joseph Melling Miles Kahler, ed. Capital flows and financial crises Geofrey T. Mills Deepak Lal. Unintended consequences Roger Middleton