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Volume 53 Issue 2
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Pages: 354-408
Published online: January 22, 2003DOI: 10.1111/1468-0289.00164

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Books reviewed: Colonisation and conquest in medieval Ireland: the English in Louth, 1170-1330, Marie Therese Flanagan The household knights of King John, Peter Coss Thirteenth-century England, VII: proceedings of the Durham conference 1997, Brendan Smith Hertfordshire lay subsidy rolls: 1307 and 1334, Phillipp R. Schofield The great household in late medieval England, Anne Curry The lay subsidy for Shropshire, 1524-7, John S. Moore Theatre, finance and society in early modern England, Craig Muldrew British identities before nationalism: ethnicity and nationhood in the Atlantic world, 1600-1800, D. W. Hayton History of work and labour relations in the royal dockyards, Chris Wrigley Gentlemanly capitalism and British imperialism: the new debate on empire, Simon C. Smith Irish migrants in modern Britain, 1750-1922, Graham Davis Land reform and working-class experience in Britain and the United States, 1800-1862, Rohan McWilliam Black ’47 and beyond: the Great Irish Famine in history, economy and memory, Philip Ollerensha The hungry stream: essays on emigration and famine, Patrick O’Sullivan Crimes of outrage: sex, violence and Victorian working women, Megan Doolittle The problem of mental deficiency: eugenics, democracy, and social policy in Britain, c. 1870-1959, Joseph Melling Phoenix Assurance and the development of British insurance, II: the era of the insurance giants, 1870-1984, Edwin Green Capitalism, community and conflict: the south Wales coalfield, 1898- 1947, Sian Rhiannon williams ‘Millions like us’?: British culture in the Second World War, Dave Russell Anticipating total war: the German and American experiences, 1871-1914, Robin Clifton Fifty years of the Deutsche Mark: central bank and the currency in Germany since 1948, Catherine R. Schenk The Venetian money market: banks, panics, and the public debt, 1200-1500, David Abulafia Guilds, markets and work regulations in Italy, 16th-19th centuries, Iorwerth Prothero The economy and material culture of Russia, 1600-1725, Jeremy Black Food and eating in medieval Europe, Jane Whittle Art markets in Europe, 1400-1800, Malcolm Falkus Shaping history: ordinary people in European politics, 1500-1700, Dagmar Freist Cathedrals of consumption: the Euro-pean department store, 1850-1939, Michael Miller Technological revolutions in Europe: historical perspectives, Gillian Cookson Contagion and the state in Europe, 1830-1930, Roger Davidson Merchants, companies and trade: Europe and Asia in the early modern era, H. V. Bowen Consumers against capitalism? Consumer cooperation in Europe, North America, and Japan, 1840-1990, Sean O’Connell Getting and spending: European and American consumer societies in the twentieth century, Gareth Shaw Eastside landmark: a history of the East Los Angeles Community Union, 1968-1993, Marci R. Green The Atlantic slave trade, Madge Dresser Montpelier, Jamaica: a plantation community in slavery and freedom, 1739-1912, J. R. Oldfield Searching for a better society: the Peruvian economy from 1950, Paulo Drinot An agrarian history of south Asia (The new Cambridge history of India, IV: 4), David Arnold Development planning in India: exploring an alternative approach, Terence J. Byres The premodern Chinese economy: structural equilibrium and capitalist sterility, David W. Clayton Tigers, rice, silk, and silt: environment and economy in late imperial south China, Philip Richardson Technology and gender: fabrics of power in late imperial China, David W. Clayton Mercantilism in a Japanese domain: the merchant origins of economic nationalism in eighteenth-century Tosa, John F. Wilson Japan and Singapore in the world economy: Japan’s economic advance into Singapore, 1870-1965, Nicholas J. White Africa works: disorder as political instrumentdouglas rimmer The wealth of nations, John Glassford Adam Smith’s daughters: eight prominent women economists from the eighteenth century to the present, Jane Howells The foundations of laissez-faire: the economics of Pierre de Boisguilbert, A. W. Bob Coats Secret origins of modern micro-economics: Dupuit and the engineers, Richard Whatmore The state, the financial system and economic modernization, Duncan M. Ross Fabricating the Keynesian revolution: studies of the inter-war literature on money, the cycle and unemployment, Roger Middleton The city in time and space, Helen Meller The theory of innovation: entrepreneurs, technology and strategy, G. N. von Tunzelman