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Volume 52 Issue 3
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Pages: 568-616
Published online: January 22, 2003DOI: 10.1111/1468-0289.00139

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Books reviewed: England’s Jewish solution: experiment and expulsion, Jenny Kermode The Reformation in English towns, 1500-1640, Felicity Heal Women waging law in Elizabethan England, Cynthia Herrup Prayer book and people in Elizabethan and early Stuart England, Jacqueline Eales The French-speaking Reformed community and their church in Southampton, 1567-c. 1620, Ole Peter Grell Failed legislation, 1660-1800, David Eastwood The account book of Clement Taylor of Finsthwaite, 1712-1753, K. D. M. Snell The solidarities of strangers: the English poor laws and the people, 1700-1948, Felix Driver Science in the service of empire: Joseph Banks, the British state and the uses of science in the age of revolution, David Armitage Made in Lancashire: a history of regional industrialisation, S. D Chapman Scotland in the nineteenth century, W. Hamish Fraser The British malting industry since 1830, D. J. Oddy Population, economy and family structure in Hertfordshire in 1851: vol. 1, the Berkhamsted region, Marguerite W. Dupree Deutsche Direktinvestitionen in Gro bbritannien, 1871-1918, Richard Tilly Strikes and solidarity: coalfield conflict in Britain, 1889-1966, Rodney Hills History in our hands: a critical anthology of writings on literature, culture and politics from the 1930,s, John Newsinger A Breton landscape, Brian Roberts Luxury trades and consumerism in Ancien Regime Paris: studies in the history of the skilled workforce, Laurence Fontaine Seductive journey: American tourists in France from Jefferson to the Jazz Age, Alastair J. Durie Civic charity in a golden age: orphan care in early modern Amsterdam, Alexander Cowan The Dutch in the Atlantic economy, 1580-1880: trade, slavery and emancipation, Johannes Postma Bergbaureviere als Verbrauchszentren im vorindustriellen Europa: Fallstudien zu Beschaffung und Verbrauch von Lebensmitteln sowie Roh- und Hilfsstoffen, Thomas Sokoll Central Europe in the twentieth century: an economic history perspective, Max-Stephan Schulze The Balkan economies c.1800-1914: evolution without development, Marvin Jackson Gold and spices: the rise of commerce in the middle ages, Penelope Galloway The legacy of scholasticism in economic thought: antecedents of choice and power, Diana Wood The role of precious metals in European development: from Roman times to the eve of the industrial revolution, C. E. Challis Essays in the economic history of the Atlantic world, R. C. Nash Strong wine: the life and legend of Agoston Haraszthy, John Wills Defining the national interest: conflict and change in American foreign policy, Fiona Venn The fall of the Packard Motor Company, Mark s. Foster The Americanisation of European business: the Marshall Plan and the transfer of US management models, Carlo Morelli The evolution of retirement: an American economic history, 1880- 1990, Neil A. Wynn The Keynesian arithmetic in war-time Canada: development of the national accounts, 1939-1945, Hugh Rockoff The rise of capitalism on the pampas: the estancias of Buenos Aires, 1785-1870, Colin M. Lewis World of possibilities: flexibility and mass production in western industrialization, Kristine Bruland Decolonization and African society: the labour question in French and British Africa, Gareth Austin Reorient: global economy in the Asian age, N F R Crafts Representing convicts: new perspectives on convict forced labour migration, Bill Jones The World Bank: its first half century, Paul Seabright International banking in an age of transition: globalisation, automation, banks and their archives, Judith Wale Political parties, growth and equality: conservative and social democratic economic strategies in the world economy, Alan Booth Max Weber and the idea of economic sociology, Keith Tribe The works of Nikolai D. Kondratiev. Vol. 1: Economic statics, dynamics and conjunctures, Roger Middleton