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Volume 52 Issue 2
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Pages: 362-404
Published online: January 22, 2003DOI: 10.1111/1468-0289.00130

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Books reviewed: Peasants, merchants, and markets: inland trade in medieval England, R. H. Britnell Controlling misbehaviour in England, 1370-1600,John Walter The new Cambridge medieval history, VII: c. 1415- c.1500, David Nicholas Metropolitan communities: trade guilds, identity and change in early modern London, Paul Griffiths Albion ascendant: English history, 1660-1815, Trevor Griffiths Cheshire cheese and farming in the north west in the 17th and 18th centuries, Steve Caunce Some British empiricists in the social sciences, 1650-1900, A. W. Coats From family firms to corporate cap-talism: essays in business and industrial history in honour of Peter Mathias, Julian Hoppit Charity, philanthropy and reform: from the 1690s to 1850, Pamela Sharpe The mid-Victorian generation, 1846-1886, Duncan Bbythell Morality and the market in Victorian Britain, Paul Johnson Change, continuity and class: labour in British society, 1850-1920, Joseph Melling Speaking for the people: party, language and popular politics in England, 1867-1914, Tony Adams Reconstructing women’s wartime lives: discourse and subjectivity in oral histories of the Second World War, Penny Starns Capitalism in contention: business leaders and political economy in modern Britain, W. R. Garside Selected cliometric studies on German economic history, Catherine R. Schenk The economic aspects of Spanish imperialism in America, 1492-1810, Kenneth Morgan Corsairing to commerce: Maltese merchants in XVIII century Spain, Peter Earle Trade, traders and the ancient city, Philip De Souza Urban Europe, 1500-1700, Catherine Smith European economies since the Second World War, Derek H. Aldcroft The bondsman’s burden: an economic analysis of the common law of Southern slavery, W. M. Mathew Politics and property rights: the closing of the open range in the postbellum South, Gavin Wright Bold relief: institutional politics and the origins of modern American social policy, Julian Zelizer The money interest and the public interest: American monetary thought, 1920-1970, Anne Mayhew Missionaries and managers: American influences on European management education, 1945-60, Robert R. Locke Big money crime: fraud and politics in the saving and loan crisis, Geofrey T. Mills Transatlantic images and perceptions: Germany and America since 1776, R. A. Burchell Desegregating the dollar: African-American consumerism in the twentieth century, Rick Halpern The American finances of the Spanish empire: royal income and expenditure in colonial Mexico, Peru and Bolivia, 1680-1809, Luis Jauregui Slavery and colonial rule in French West Africa, A. J. H. Latham Commodity and exchange in the Mongol empire: a cultural history of Islamic textiles, P. A. Andrews The trading crowd: an ethnography of the Shanghai stock market, W. A. Thomas Environmental politics in Japan: networks of power and protest, Kenneth D. Brown Rice: the primary commodity, Pierre Van Der Eng People, land and time: an historical introduction to the relations between landscape, culture and environment, Grenville Astill Industrialization and development: a comparative analysis, J. R. Ward Durable inequality, Rodney Lowe Tracking the agricultural revolution in England, Robert C. Allen English servants and their employers during the eighteenth and nineteenth Centuries, Leonard Schwarz British incomes circa 1800, T.V. Jackson Principals and agents: the activities of the Crown Agents for the colonies, 1880-1914, David Sunderland The rise of interlocking directorates in imperial Germany, Caroline Fohlin Agricultural support policies in a small open economy: New Zealand in the 1920s, G.A. Fleming