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Volume 51 Issue 1
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Pages: 192-221
Published online: June 28, 2008DOI: 10.1111/1468-0289.00088

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Webb, John, ed. The town finances of Elizabethan Ipswich: select treasurers’ and chamberlains’ accounts Whyte, Ian D. Scotland’s society and economy in transition, c. 1560-c. 1760 Gray, Todd, ed. Devon household accounts, 1627-59, part I Gray, Todd, ed. Devon household accounts, 1627-59, part II Lemire, Beverly Dress, culture and commerce: the English clothing trade before the factory, 1660-1800 Jacob, W.M. Lay people and religion in the early eighteenth century Cross, Anthony By the banks of the Neva: chapters from the lives and careers of the British in eighteenth-century Russia Turner, Michael, Beckett, J.V. and Afton, Bethanie Agricultural rent in England, 1690-1914 Cohen, Marilyn, ed. The warp of Ulster’s past: interdisciplinary perspectives on the Irish linen industry, 1700-1920 Charlesworth, Andrew, Gilbert, David, Randall, Adrian, Southall, Humphrey, Wrigley, Chris, et al. An atlas of industrial protest in Britain, 1750-1990 Mathias, Peter and Davis, John A. (Eds.) International trade and British economic growth from the eighteenth century to the present day (The nature of industrialization, vol. 5) Trainor, Richard H. Black Country elites: the exercise of authority in an industrialised area, 1830-1900 Fraser, W. Hamish and Maver, Irene, eds. Glasgow, volume II: 1830-1912 Magee, Gary Bryan Productivity and performance in the paper industry: labour, capital and technology in Britain and America, 1860-1914 Davies, Russell Secret sins: sex, violence and society in Carmarthenshire, 1870-1920 Beckett, John, ed. A centenary history of Nottingham Hill, Jeff and Williams, Jack, eds. Sport and identity in the north of England Cairncross, Alec The Wilson years: a Treasury Diary, 1964-1969 Crossley-Holland, Nicole Living and dining in medieval Paris: the household of a fourteenth-century knight Erker, Paul Competition and growth: a contemporary history of the Continental AG Vassberg, David E. The village and the outside world in golden age Castile Clark, Stuart Thinking with demons: the idea of witchcraft in early modern Europe Feinstein, Charles H., Temin, Peter and Toniolo, Gianni The European economy between the wars Crafts, Nicholas and Toniolo, Gianni, eds. Economic growth in Europe since 1945 Cassis, Youssef Big business: the European experience in the twentieth century Teichova, Alice, Kurgen-van Hentenryk, Ginette and Ziegler, Dieter, eds. Banking, trade, and industry: Europe, Asia, and America from the thirteenth to the twentieth century Novak, William The people’s welfare: law and regulation in nineteenth-century America Marchildon, Gregory P. Profits and politics: Beaverbrook and the gilded age of Canadian finance McC.Adams, Robert Paths of fire: an anthropologist’s inquiry into western technology Cizakca, Murat A comparative evolution of business partnerships: the Islamic world and Europe, with specific reference to the Ottoman archives Bayly, C.A. Empire and information: intelligence gathering and social communication in India 1780-1870 Bates, Robert H. Open-economy politics: the political economy of the world coffee trade