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Volume 50 Issue 2
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Pages: 375-406
Published online: June 28, 2008DOI: 10.1111/1468-0289.00061

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Great Britain and Ireland T. C. Smout, ed., Scotland since prehistory: natural change and human impact N. M. Herbert, ed., A history of the county of Gloucester, V: the Forest of Dean Colin Platt, King Death: the Black Death and its aftermath in late medieval England Del Sweeney, ed., Agriculture in the middle ages: technology, practice, and representation Mark Overton, Agricultural revolution in England: the transformation of the agrarian economy, 1500-1850 Roy Porter and Marie Mulvey Roberts, eds., Pleasure in the eighteenth century Adrian Randall and Andrew Charlesworth, eds., Markets, market culture and popular protest in eighteenth-century Britain and Ireland Barry Reay, Microhistories: demography, society and culture in rural England, 1800-1930 Edgar Jones, True and fair: a history of Price Waterhouse Michael Turner, After the Famine: Irish agriculture, 1850-1914 Roger Middleton, Government versus the market: the growth of the public sector, economic management and British economic performance, c. 1890-1979 Andrew Marrison, British business and protection, 1903-1932 James Foreman-Peck, Sue Bowden, and Alan McKinlay, The British motor industry Peter Scott, The property masters: a history of the British commercial property sector General Gary Herrigel, Industrial constructions: the sources of German industrial power Volker R. Berghahn, ed., Quest for economic empire: European strategies of German big business in the twentieth century Paul Bairoch and Martin Korner, eds., La Suisse dans l’economie mondiale/Die Schweiz in der Weltwirtschaft Ivan T. Berend, Central and eastern Europe, 1944-1993: detour from the periphery to the periphery Wendy Davies and Paul Fouracre, eds., Property and power in the early middle ages Jonathan Dewald, The European nobility, 1400-1800: new approaches to European history Ann Goldgar, Impolite learning: conduct and community in the republic of letters, 1680-1750 Iain R. Smith, The origins of the South African war, 1899-1902 Augustus J. Veenendaal, Slow train to paradise: how Dutch investors helped build American railroads Elmus Wicker, The banking panics of the great depression Deborah Oxley, Convict maids: the forced migration of women to Australia Stanley Lebergott, Consumer expenditures: new measures and old motives Jack Goody, The East in the West G. D. Snooks, The dynamic society: exploring the sources of global change Elliott A. Krause, The death of the guilds: professions, states, and the advance of capitalism, 1930 to the present Maxine Berg, A woman in history: Eileen Power, 1889-1940