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Volume 50 Issue 1
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Pages: 169-208
Published online: January 22, 2003DOI: 10.1111/1468-0289.t01-1-00051

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Britnell, Richard and Hatcher, John (eds) Progress and problems in medieval England Carpenter, Christine (ed) Kingsford’s Stonor letters and papers, 1290-1483 Carlin, Martha Medieval Southwark Greenslade, M.W. (ed) The Victoria history of the county of Stafford. VII: Leek and the moorlands Sambrook, Pamela Country house brewing in England, 1500-1900 Griffiths, Paul Youth and authority: formative experience in England, 1560-1640 Daunton, Martin (ed) Charity, self interest and welfare in the English past Armstrong, Alan (ed) The economy of Kent, 1640-1914 Saville, Richard Bank of Scotland: a history, 1695-1995 Sanderson, Elizabeth C. Women and work in eighteenth-century Edinburgh Brown, Kenneth D. The British toy industry: a history since 1700 Panayi, Panikos German immigrants in Britain during the nineteenth century, 1815-1914 Gray, Robert The factory question and industrial England, 1830-1860 Kadish, Alon (ed) The corn laws: the formation of popular economics in Britain Kirk, Neville (ed) Social class and Marxism: defences and challenges Cherry, Steven Medical services and the hospitals in Britain, 1860-1939 Perren, Richard Agriculture in depression, 1870-1940 Glynn, Sean and Booth, Alan Modern Britain: an economic and social history Roberts, Elizabeth Women and families: an oral history, 1940-1970 Tranter, N.L. British population in the twentieth century Coopey, Richard and Woodward, Nicholas (eds) Britain in the 1970s: the troubled economy Hoffman, Philip T. Growth in a traditional society: the French countryside, 1450-1815 Heller, Henry Labour, science and technology in France, 1500-1620 Johnson, Christopher H. The life and death of industrial Languedoc, 1700-1920 Ferguson, Niall Paper and iron: Hamburg business and German politics in the era of inflation, 1897-1927 Fontaine, Laurence History of pedlars in Europe Kagan, Richard L. and Parker, Geoffrey (eds) Spain, Europe and the Atlantic world: essays in honour of John H. Elliott Morawska, Ewa Insecure prosperity: small-town Jews in industrial America, 1890-1940 Galambos, L. and Sewell, J.E. Networks of innovation: vaccine development at Merck, Sharp and Dohme and Mulford, 1895-1995 Clotfelter, Charles T. Buying the best: cost escalation in elite higher education Fagge, Roger Power, culture and conflict in the coalfields: West Virginia and south Wales, 1900-22 Hart, Vivien Bound by our constitution Winters, Jeffrey A. Power in motion: capital mobility and the Indonesian state Beasley, W.G. Japan encounters the barbarian: Japanese travellers in America and Europe Schwartz, Stuart B. (ed) Implicit understandings: observing, reporting, and reflecting on the encounters between Europeans and other peoples in the early modern era Perkin, Harold, The third revolution: professional elites in the modern world Braga de Macedo, J., Eichengreen, B. and Reis, J. Currency convertibility: the gold standard and beyond Officer, Lawrence Between the dollar-sterling gold points: rates, parity, and market behaviour Irwin, Douglas A. Against the tide: an intellectual history of free trade