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Volume 49 Issue 4
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Pages: 828-829
Published online: February 11, 2008DOI: 10.1111/j.1468-0289.1996.tb00594.x

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Elizabeth Gemmill and Nicholas Mayhew, Changing values in medieval Scotland S. H. Rigby, English society in the later middle ages Andrew McRae, God speed the plough S. H. Rigby, English society in the later middle ages: class, status and gender Christopher Durston and Jacqueline Eales, eds., The culture of English Puritanism, 1560-1700 Richard Adair, Courtship, illegitimacy and marriage in early modern England Pamela Sharpe, Adapting to capitalism: working women in the English economy, IJOO-1850 T. M. Devine, Clanship to crofters’war: the social transformation of the Scottish Highlands Mclvin Humphreys, The crisis of community: Montgomeryshire, 1680-1818 Mary B. Rose, ed., The Lancashire cotton industry: a history since 1700 Penelope Corfield, Power and the professions in Britain, 1700-1850 Charles Tilly, Popular contention in Great Britain, 1758-1834 Sheilagh C. Ogilvie and Markus Cerman, eds.,European proto-industrialization: an introductory handbook Scott R. Bowman, The modern corporation and American political thought: law, power and ideology Melvyn Stokes and Stephen Conway, eds., The market revolution in America: social, political, and religious expressions, 1800-1880 Frederic L. Pryor, Economic evolution and structure: the impact of complexity on the US economic system Norio Tamaki, Japanese banking: a history, 1859-1959 Ulla Wikander, Alice Kessler-Harris, and Jane Lewis, eds., Protecting women: labour legislation in Europe, the United States, and Australia, 1880-1920 From airships to airbus: the history of civil and commercial aviation. Volume i: Infrastructure and environment, ed. William M. Leary; Volume 2: Pioneers and operations, ed. William F. Trimble J. Reis, ed., International monetary systems in historical perspective