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Volume 49 Issue 3
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Pages: 600-634
Published online: February 11, 2008DOI: 10.1111/j.1468-0289.1996.tb00585.x

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Jennifer Ward, ed., Women of the English nobility and gentry, 1066-1500 Nicholas Orme and Margaret Webster, The English hospital, 1070-1570 Vanessa Harding and Laura Wright, eds., London Bridge: selected accounts and rentals, 1381-1538 Peter Clark and Lyn Murfin, The history of Maidstone: the making of a modem county town M. J. Daunton, Progress and poverty: an economic and social history of Britain, 1700-1850 John F. Wilson, British business history, 1720-1994 Geoffrey Tweedale, Steel city: entrepreneurship, strategy, and technology in Sheffield, 1743-1993 Brian R. Law, Fieldens of Todmorden: a nineteenth century business dynasty Marguerite W. Dupree, Family structure in the Staffordshire Potteries, 1840-1880 David Englander and Rosemary O’Day, eds., Retrieved riches: social investigation in Britain, 1840-1914 Robert Humphreys, Sin, organized charity and the poor law in Victorian England V. Markham Lester, Victorian insolvency: bankruptcy, imprisonment for debt and company winding-up in nineteenth-century England Simon Szreter, Fertility, class and gender in Britain, 1860-1940 B. W. E. Alford, Britain in the world economy since 1880 John Brown, The British welfare state James R. Lehning, Peasant and French: cultural contact in rural France during the nineteenth century Geoffrey Crossick and Heinz-Gerhard Haupt, The petite bourgeoisie in Europe, 1780-1914: enterprise, family and independence Y. Cassis, F. Crouzet, and T. Gourvish, eds., Management and business in Britain and France: the age of the corporate economy Dirk Hoerder and Jorg Nagler, eds., People in transit: German migrations in comparative perspective, 1820-1930 Geoffrey Jones, The evolution of international business: an introduction Alec Cairncross, Economic ideas and government policy: contributions to contemporary economic history