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Volume 49 Issue 2
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Pages: 382-426
Published online: February 11, 2008DOI: 10.1111/j.1468-0289.1996.tb00575.x

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D. A. E. Pelteret, Slavery in early mediaeval England from the reign of Alfred until the twelfth century Edward Miller and John Hatcher, Medieval England: towns, commerce and crafts, 1086-1348 Maryanne Kowaleski, Local markets and regional trade in medieval Exeter Rosemary Horrox, ed., Fifteenth-century attitudes: perceptions of society in late medieval England Anthony Fletcher, Gender, sex and subordination in England, 1500-1800 Tim Harris, ed., Popular culture in England, c. 1500-1850 Margaret Spufford, ed., The world of rural dissenters, 1520-1725 John Guy, ed., The reign of Elizabeth I: court and culture in the last decade David L. Smith, Richard Strier, and David Bevington, eds., The theatrical city: culture, theatre and politics in London, 1576-1649 Richard Grassby, The business community of seventeenth-century England M.J. Braddick, Parliamentary taxation in seventeenth-century England: local administration and response Adrian Wilson, The making of man-midwifery: childbirth in England, 1660-1770 Kathleen Wilson, The sense of the people: politics, culture and imperialism in England, 1715-1785 David Hancock, Citizens of the world: London merchants and the integration of the British Atlantic community, 1735-1785 David R. Green, From artisans to paupers: economic change and poverty in London, 1790-1870 Cyril Ehrlich, First Philharmonic: a history of the Royal Philharmonic Society Patrick Joyce, Democratic subjects: the self and the social in nineteenth-century England Keith Laybourn, The evolution of British social policy and the Welfare State, c. 1800-1993 Bill Lancaster, The department store: a social history W.W. Knox, Hanging by a thread: the Scottish cotton industry, c. 1850-1914 C.H. Lee, Scotland and the United Kingdom: the economy and the Union in the twentieth century Eric M. Sigsworth, A respectable life: Leeds in the 1930s Timothy R. Whisler, At the end of the road: the rise and fall of Austin-Healey, MG and Triumph Sports Cars John D. Fudge, Cargoes, embargoes and emissaries: the commercial and political interaction of England and the German Hanse, 1450-1510 Pamela H. Smith, The business of alchemy: science and culture in the Holy Roman Empire Daniel Roche, The culture of clothing: dress and fashion in the’ancien regime’ Goran Hoppe and John Langton, Peasantry to capitalism: western Ostergotland in the nineteenth century Charles Feinstein, ed., Banking, currency and finance in Europe between the wars David Conroy, In public houses: drink and the revolution of authority in colonial Massachusetts Peter Temin, ed., Inside the business enterprise: historical perspectives on the use of information Historical atlas of Canada: R. Cole Harris, ed., Vol. i: From the beginning to 1800; R. Louis Gentilcore, ed., Vol. 2: The land transformed, 1800-1891; D. Kerr, ed., Vol. 3: Addressing the twentieth century, 1891-1961 Laird W. Bergad, Fe Iglesias Garcia, and Maria del Carmen Barcia, The Cuban slave market, 1790-1880 Linda Cooke Johnson, Shanghai from market town to treaty port, 1074-1858 Olive Checkland, Shizuya Nishimura, and Norio Tamaki, eds., Pacific banking, 1859-1959: East meets West Tessa Morris-Suzuki, The technological transformation of Japan from the seventeenth to the twenty-first century J. Komlos, ed., The biological standard of living on three continents: further explorations in anthropometric history Forrest Capie, Tariffs and growth: some insights from the world economy, 1850-1940 John A. James and Mark Thomas, eds., Capitalism in context: essays in economic development and cultural change in honor of R.M. Hartwell Theodore M. Porter, Trust in numbers: the pursuit of objectivity in science and public life