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Volume 48 Issue 4
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Pages: 818-856
Published online: February 11, 2008DOI: 10.1111/j.1468-0289.1995.tb01447.x

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Book reviewed in this article: Ann Hagen, A second handbook of Anglo-Saxon food and drink: production and distribution Richard H. Britnell and Bruce M. S. Campbell, eds., A commercialising economy: England, 1086 to c. 1300 T. M. Devine and G. Jackson, eds., Glasgow, I: beginnings to 1830 Amy Louise Erickson, Women and property in early modern England S. Roberts, ed., Evesham borough records of the seventeenth century, 1605-1687 John Smail, The origins of middle-class culture: Halifax, Yorkshire, 1660-1780 Roderick Floud and Donald McCloskey, eds., The economic history of Britain since 1700 C. Nicholson, Writing and the rise of finance: capital satires of the early eighteenth century Anne Digby, Making a medical living: doctors and patients in the English market for medicine, 1720-1911 Cormac O Grada, Ireland: a new economic history, 1780-1939 Linda Croft, John Fielden’s Todmorden Ruth-Ann M. Harris, The nearest place that wasn’t Ireland: early nineteenth-century Irish labor migration E. H. H. Green, The crisis of Conservatism: the politics, economics and ideology of the British Conservative Party, 1880-1914 Kent Fedorowich, Unfit for heroes: reconstruction and soldier settlement in the empire between the wars Robert Millward and John Singleton, eds., The political economy of nationalisation in Britain, 1920-1950 James Hinton, Shop floor citizens: engineering democracy in 1940s Britain James Obelkevitch and Peter Catterall, eds., Understanding post-war British society Caroline Barron and Nigel Saul, eds., England and the Low Countries in the late middle ages B. Lepetit, The pre-industrial urban system: France, 1740-1840 Patricia Skinner, Family power in southern Italy: the duchy of Gaeta and its neighbours, 850-1139 A. Teichova, T. Gourvish, and A. Pogany, eds., Universal banking in the twentieth century: finance, industry and the state in north and central Europe Roderick A. McDonald, The economy and material culture of slaves: goods and chattels on the sugar plantations of Jamaica and Louisiana Robert Tracy McKenzie, One South or many?: plantation belt and upcountry in Civil War-era Tennessee Dean L. May, Three frontiers: family, land and society in the American West, 1850-1900 Lance E. Davis and Robert J. Cull, International capital markets and American economic growth Desmond King, Actively seeking work? The politics of unemployment and welfare policy in the United States and Great Britain Jeremy Adelman, Frontier development: land, labour and capital on the wheat lands of Argentina and Canada, 1890-1914 W. G. Huff, The economic growth of Singapore: trade and development in the twentieth century Karen Wigen, The making of a Japanese periphery, 1750-1920 Graeme D. Snooks, Portrait of the family within the total economy: a study in longrun dynamics, Australia 1788-1990 Bronislaw Geremek, Poverty: a history John Brewer and Susan Staves, eds., Early modern conceptions of property Timothy J. Hatton and Jeffrey G. Williamson, eds., Migration and the international labour market, 1850-1939 Graeme Donald Snooks, ed., Was the industrial revolution necessary? Geoffrey Jones and Nicholas J. Morgan, eds., Adding value: brands and marketing in food and drink