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Volume 47 Issue 4
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Pages: 816-847
Published online: February 11, 2008DOI: 10.1111/j.1468-0289.1994.tb01405.x

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Book reviewed in this article: Robert M. Townsend, The medieval village economy: a study of the Pareto mapping in general equilibrium models K. Schurer and T. Arkell, eds., Surveying the people P. J. Cain and A. G. Hopkins, British imperialism: innovation and expansion, 1688-1914 J. M. Neeson, Commoners: common right, enclosure and social change in England, 1700-1820 Theo Barker and Dorian Gerhold, The rise and rise of road transport, 1700-1990 Thomas Sokoll, Household and family among the poor: the case of two Essex communities in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries Alon Kadish and Keith Tribe, eds., The market for political economy: the advent of economics in British university culture, 1850-1905 Michael Havinden and David Meredith, Colonialism and development: Britain and its tropical colonies, 1850-1960 Joanna Bourke, Husbandry to housewifery: women, economic change and housework in Ireland, 1890-1914 John Chartres and Katrina Honeyman, eds., Leeds city business, 1893-1993: essays marking the centenary of the incorporation Rosemary O’Day and David Englander, Mr Charles Booth’s Inquiry: life and labour of the people in London reconsidered Gwynne Lewis, The advent of modern capitalism in France, 1770-1840: the contribution of Pierre-Francois Tubeuf Franois Crouzet, ed., The economic development of France since 1870 Charles E. Freedeman, The triumph of corporate capitalism in France, 1867-1914 J. L. van Zanden, The rise and decline of Holland’s economy: merchant capitalism and the labour market Jonathan Osmond, Rural protest in the Weimar Republic: the Free Peasantry in the Rhineland and Bavaria Timothy W. Mason (edited by Jane Caplan, with a general introduction by Ursula Vogel), Social policy in the Third Reich: the working class and the’national community’ Vera Zamagni, The economic history of Italy, 1860-1990: recovery after decline Leonardo Benevolo, The European city Andrew Miles and David Vincent, eds., Building European society: occupational change and social mobility in Europe, 1840-1940 Walter Nugent, Crossings: the great transatlantic migrations, 1870-1914 B. R. Tomlinson, The economy of modern India, 1860-1970 Shigeto Tsuru, Japan’s capitalism: creative defeat and beyond Jordan Goodman, Tobacco in history: the cultures of dependence William Chester Jordan, Women and credit in pre-industrial and developing societies J.W.R. Whitehand and P.J. Larkham, eds., Urban landscapes: international perspectives Jean-Claude Chesnais, translated by Elizabeth Kreager and Philip Kreager, The demographic transition: stages, patterns and economic implications: a longitudinal study of 67 countries covering the period 1720-1984 James W. Cortada, Before the computer: IBM, NCR, Burroughs, and Remington Rand and the industry they created, 1865-1956 Michael Bordo, ed., Financial crises J. Benson and G. Shaw, eds., The evolution of retail systems, c.1800-1914 A. W. Coats, On the history of economic thought, I: British and American essays Anne Digby, Charles Feinstein, and David Jenkins, eds., New directions in economic and social history John Brewer and Roy Porter, eds., Consumption and the world of goods Ben Fine and Ellen Leopold, The world of consumption Peter N. Stearns, The industrial revolution in world history M. D. Bordo and F. Capie, eds., Monetary regimes in transition