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Volume 47 Issue 3
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Pages: 619-636
Published online: February 11, 2008DOI: 10.1111/j.1468-0289.1994.tb01394.x

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Book reviewed in this article: C. M. Woolgar, ed., Household accounts from medieval England David Gary Shaw, The creation of a community: the city of Wells in the middle ages Mark Bailey, ed., The bailiffs’minute book of Dunwich, 1404-1430 Robert Brenner, Merchants and revolution: commercial change, political conflict, and London’s overseas traders, 1550-1653 John Hatcher, The history of the British coal industry, 1: Before 1700: towards the age of coal Kenneth Morgan, Bristol and the Atlantic trade in the eighteenth century Maurice W. Kirby, The origins of railway enterprise: the Stockton and Darlington Railway, 1821-1863 D. C. M. Platt, with A. J. H. Latham and Ranald Michie, Decline and recovery in Britain’s overseas trade, 1873-1913 Nick Tiratsoo and Jim Tomlinson, Industrial efficiency and state intervention: Labour, 1939-1951 Rodney Lowe, The welfare state in Britain since 1945 Ben Fine, Women’s employment and the capitalist family Roger Magraw, A history of the French working class, is’The age of artisan revolution, 1815-1871′ (Oxford: Blackwell, 1992. Pp. Xi + 301. PS40); II: Workers and the bourgeois republic, 1871-1939 (Oxford: Blackwell, 1992. Pp. Vi + 330. PS40) Ulrich Wengenroth, Enterprise and technology; the German and British steel industries, 1865-1895 Joseph Harrison, The Spanish economy: from the Civil War to the European Community Lenard R. Berlanstein, ed., The industrial revolution and work in nineteenth-century Europe P. C. Emmer and M. Morner, eds., European expansion and migration: essays on the inter-continental migration from Africa, Asia and Europe David W. Ellwood, Rebuilding Europe: Western Europe, America and postwar reconstruction Robert E. Gallman and John Joseph Wallis, eds., American economic growth and standards of living before the Civil War Christopher J. Schmitz, The growth of big business in the United States and Western Europe, 1850-1939 Michael D. Bordo and Barry J. Eichengreen, eds., A retrospective on the Bretton Woods system: lessons for international monetary reform S. A. M. Adshead, Salt and civilization David Grigg, The transformation of agriculture in the west