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Volume 47 Issue 2
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Pages: 408-440
Published online: February 11, 2008DOI: 10.1111/j.1468-0289.1994.tb01384.x

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Books reviewed in this article: GREAT BRITAIN AND IRELAND C. E. Challis, ed., A new history of the Royal Mint Barbara Harvey, Living and dying in England, 1140-1540: the monastic experience Roger Mason and Norman MacDougall, eds., People and power in Scotland: essays in honour of T.C. Smout Ian W. Archer, The pursuit of stability: social relations in Elizabethan London Jacob M. Price, Perry of London: a family and a firm on the seaborne frontier, 1615-1753 Rachel Lawrence, Southwold River: Georgian life in the Blyth Valley Joel Mokyr, ed., The British industrial revolution: an economic perspective P. Hudson, The industrial revolution D. C. Coleman, Myth, history and the industrial revolution Patrick K. O’Brien and Roland Quinault, eds., The industrial revolution and British society W. D. Rubinstein, Capitalism, culture and economic decline in Britain, 1750-1990 Roger Scola, Feeding the Victorian city: the food supply of Manchester, 1770-1870 Geoffrey Timmins, The last shift: the decline of handloom weaving in nineteenth-century Lancashire Felix Driver, Power and pauperism: the workhouse system, 1834-1884 Robert Woods, The population of Britain in the nineteenth century Geoffrey Jones, British multinational banking, 1830-1990 Panikos Panayi, ed., Racial violence in Britain, 1840-1950 Austin Bourke,’The visitation of God? The potato and the great Irish Famine S. N. Broadberry and N. F. R. Crafts, eds., Britain in the international economy, 1870-7939 R. P. T. Davenport-Hines and Judy Slinn, Glaxo: a history to 1962 Oliver M. Westall, The Provincial Insurance Company, 1903-38: family markets and competitive growth Mary E. Daly, Industrial development and Irish national identity, 1922-1939 Tim Rooth, British protectionism and the international economy: overseas commercial policy in the 1930s Andrew Land, Rodney Lowe, and Noel Whiteside, Development of the welfare state, 7939-7957: a guide to documents in the Public Record Office Derek H. Aldcroft, Education, training and economic performance, 1944-1990 H. Mercer, N. Rollings, and J. D. Tomlinson, eds., Labour governments and private industry: the experience of 1945-1951 GENERAL Jean-Luc Pinol, Les mobilites de la grande ville: Lyon, fin XIXe – debut XXe siecle Theo Balderston, The origins and course of the German economic crisis: November 1923 to May 1932 Herbert Giersch, Karl-Heinz Paque, and Holger Schmieding, The fading miracle: four decades of market economy in Germany Leslie Page Moch, Moving Europeans: migration in western Europe since 1650 John R. Gillis, Louise A. Tilly, and David Levine, eds., The European experience of declining fertility: the quiet revolution Colin G. Pooley, ed., Housing strategies in Europe, 1880-1930 Geoffrey Jones and Harm G. Schroter, eds., The rise of multinationals in continental Europe Elena Frangakis-Syrett, The commerce of Smyrna in the eighteenth century (1700-1820) Jonathan Brown and Mary B. Rose, eds., Entrepreneurship, networks and modern business Barry E. Supple, ed., The rise of big business