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Volume 46 Issue 4
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Pages: 820-846
Published online: February 11, 2008DOI: 10.1111/j.1468-0289.1993.tb01363.x

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Books reviewed in this article: GREAT BRITAIN AND IRELAND P. J. P. Goldberg, ed., Woman is a worthy wight: women in English society, c. 1200-1500 Robert Tinier, Architecture and power: the town hall and the English urban community, 1500-1640 R. A. Houston, The population history of Britain and Ireland, 1500-1750 R. B. Outhwaite, Dearth, public policy and social disturbance in England, 1550-1800 R. W. Hoyle, ed., The estates of the English crown, 1558-1640 Patrick Hyde Kelly, ed., Locke on money E. P. Thompson, Customs in common Peter Linebaugh, The London hanged: crime and civil society in the eighteenth century Adrian Hall, Fenland worker peasants: the economy of smallholders at Rippingale, Lincolnshire, 1791-1871 Elizabeth Hennessy, A domestic history of the Bank of England, 1930-1960 Howard F. Gospel, Markets, firms and the management of labour in modern Britain GENERAL R. H. Hilton, English and French towns in feudal society: a comparative study Serge Chassagne, Le coton et ses patrons: France, 1760-1840 David I. Kertzer and Richard P. Sailer, eds., The family in Italy from antiquity to the present Peter Musgrave, Land and economy in baroque Italy: Valpolicella, 1630-1797 Holland Hunter and Janusz M. Szyrmer, Faulty foundations: Soviet economic policies, 1928-1940 Colin Holmes and Alan Booth, eds., Economy and society: European industrialisation and its social consequences. Essays presented to Sidney Pollard Gregory Hooks, Forging the military-industrial complex: World War II’s battle of the Potomac Dan Benjamin and Kent Matthews, US and UK unemployment between the wars: a doleful story Eric W. Sager with Gerald E. Panting, Maritime capital: the shipping industry in Atlantic Canada, 1820-1914 Claudia Goldin and Hugh Rockoff, eds., Strategic factors in nineteenth-century economic history: a volume to honor Robert W. Fogel David J. Jeremy, ed., International technology transfer: Europe, Japan and the USA, 1700-1914 Colin White, Mastering risk: environment, markets and politics in Australian economic history John H. Drabble, Malayan rubber: the interwar years Geoffrey Jones, ed., Banks and money: international and comparative financial history Martin Bulmer, Kevin Bales, and Kathryn Kish Sklar, eds., The social survey in historical perspective, 1880-1940 Roger Schofield, David Reher, and Alain Bideau, eds., The decline of mortality in Europe Ian Inkster, Science and technology in history: an approach to industrial development Keith Chapman, The international petrochemical industry N. F. R. Crafts, N. H. Dimsdale, and S. Engerman, eds., Quantitative economic history W. R. Garside, ed., Capitalism in crisis: international responses to the Great Depression Peter Burke, ed., New perspectives on historical writing J. L. Anderson, Explaining long-term economic change