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Volume 44 Issue 4
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Pages: 721-780
Published online: February 11, 2008DOI: 10.1111/j.1468-0289.1991.tb01288.x

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Book reviewed in this article: David A. Hinton, Archaeology, economy and society: England from the fifth to the fifteenth century Peter Brimblecombe, The big smoke: a history of air pollution in London since medieval times David Pam, A history of Enfield. Vol. I: before 1837. A parish near London Peter J. Bowden, ed., Economic change: wages, profits and rents, 1500-1750. Chapters from ‘The agrarian history of England and Wales’, vol. I Ann Kussmaul, A general view of the rural economy of England, 1538-1840 David J. Starkey, British privateering enterprise in the eighteenth century Hoh-Cheung Mui and Lorna H. Mui, Shops and shopkeeping in eighteenth-century England F. M. L. Thompson, ed., The Cambridge social history of Britain, 1750-1950 Barry Reay, The last rising of the agricultural labourers: rural life and protest in nineteenth-century England Kenneth Warren, Consett iron, 1840 to 1980: a study in industrial location Peter N. Davies, Fyffes and the banana: Musa Sapientum. A centenary history, 1888-1988 Richard Whipp, Patterns of labour: work and social change in the pottery industry Eric M. Sigsworth, Montague Burton: the tailor of taste David J. Jeremy, Capitalists and Christians: business leaders and the churches in Britain, 1900-1960 Padraig McGowan, Money and banking in Ireland: origins, development and future Jon Press, The footwear industry in Ireland, 1922-1973 Justin Davis Smith, The Attlee and Churchill administrations and industrial unrest, 1945-55: a study in consensus Richard Holt, ed., Sport and the working class in modern Britain Bruce Collins and Keith Robbins, eds., British culture and economic decline GENERALJohn Komlos, Nutrition and economic development in the eighteenth-century Habsburg monarchy: an anthropometric history Heinrich Becker, Handlungsspielraume in der Agrarpolitik in der Weimarer Republik zwischen 1923 und 1929 Joel D. Benson, Cooperation to competition: English perspective and policy on Anglo-Dutch economic relations during the reign of James I R. T. Griffiths, ed., The Netherlands and the economic integration of Europe, 1945-1957 Timo Myllyntaus, The gatecrashing apprentice: industrialising Finland as an adopter of new technology Martin Blinkhorn, ed., Fascists and conservatives: the radical right and the establishment in twentieth-century Europe Charles Tilly, Coercion, capital, and European states: AD 990-1990 Clive Archer, Organizing western Europe Arthur Marwick et al., War, peace and social change: Europe, 1900-1955 William Molle, The economics of European integration Roy Porter, ed., The medical history of waters and spas Pat Hudson and W. R. Lee, eds., Women’s work and the family economy in historical perspective R. Bartlett, ed., Land commune and peasant community in Russia Stuart Bruchey, Enterprise: the dynamic economy of a free people John Graham, ed., ‘Yours for the revolution’: The Appeal to Reason, 1895-1922 Gerald D. Nash, World War II and the west: reshaping the economy Randall Bennett Woods, A changing of the guard: Anglo-American relations, 1941-1946 Richard F. Hirsh, Technology and transformation in the American electric utility industy Paul J. Miranti, Accountancy comes of age Joy Parr, The gender of breadwinners: women, men and change in two industrial towns, 1880-1950 Guy P. C. Thomson, Puebla de los Angeles: industy and society in a Mexican city, 1700-1870 David Robinson, ed., Migration in colonial Spanish America Philip D. Curtin, The rise and fall of the plantation complex: essays in Atlantic history Jan Breman, Labour migration and rural transformation in colonial Asia S. D. Punekar and R. Varickayil, eds., Labour movement in India, documents 1850-1890, I: Mines and plantations Robin Jeffrey et al., eds., India: rebellion to republic–selected writings, 1857-1990 Angus Maddison and Ge Prince, eds., Economic growth in Indonesia, 1820-1940 Jean Batou, Cent ans de resistance au sous-developpement: l’industrialisation de l’Amerique Latine et du Moyen-Orient face au defi europeen, 1770-1870 Peter Mathias and John A. Davis, eds., The first industrial nations Christian Suter, Schuldenzyklen in der Dritten Welt: Kreditaufnalhme, Zahlungskrisen und Schuldenregelungen peripherer Lander im Welstystem von 1820 bis 1986 M. J. Daunton, ed., Housing the workers: a comparative history, 1850-1914 Carl H. A. Dassbach, Global enterprises and the world economy: Ford, General Motors, and IBM: the emergence of the transnational enterprise Martin Chick, ed., Governments, industries and markets: aspects of government-industry relations in the UK, Japan, West Germany and the USA since 1945 W. W. Rostow, Theorists of economic growth from David Hume to the present Gerald D. Feldman and Klaus Tenfelde, eds., Workers, Owners and politics in coal mining: an international comparison of industrial relations A. Teichova, M. Levy-Leboyer, and H. Nussbaum, eds., Historical studies in international corporate business R. T. P. Davenport-Hines, ed., Business in the age of depression and war