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Volume 44 Issue 3
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Pages: 531-571
Published online: February 11, 2008DOI: 10.1111/j.1468-0289.1991.tb01280.x

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Book reviewed in this article: Peter Brandon and Brian Short, The south east from AD 1000 Felicity Heal, Hospitality in early modern England F.J. Fisher, London and the English economy, 1500-1700, eds. P.J. Corfield and N.B. Harte John Chartres and David Hey, eds., English rural society, 1500-1800: essays in honour of Joan Thirsk Ian Archer, Caroline Barron, and Vanessa Harding, eds., Hugh Alley’s Caveat: the markets of London in 1598, Folger Ms V.a.318 Lawrence Stone, Road to divorce: England, 1530-1987 Kenneth Fincham, Prelate as pastor: the episcopate of James I Maurice Beresford, East end, west end: the face of Leeds during urbanisation, 1684-1842 A.M. Urdank, Religion and society in a Cotswold vale: Nailsworth, Gloucestershire, 1780-1865 David Spadafora, The idea of progress in eighteenth-century Britain Roger Swift and Sheriden Gilley, eds., The Irish in Britain, 1815-1939 Peter Bosley, Light railways in England and Wales Malcolm Falkus, The Blue Funnel legend: a history of the Ocean Steam Ship Company, 1865-1973 Rob Sindall, Street violence in the nineteenth century Anne Orde, British policy and European reconstruction after the First World War Bill Luckin, Questions of power: electricity and environment in inter-war Britain Charles Harvey and John Turner, eds., Labour and business in modern Britain Liam Kennedy, The modern industrialisation of Ireland, 1940-88 Joel Mokyr, Twenty-five centuries of technological change: an historical survey Leopold Genicot, Rural communities in the medieval west Kees Gispen, New profession, old order: engineers and German society, 1815-1914 Paul M. Johnson, Redesigning the communist economy: politics of economic reform in eastern Europe Diane P. Koenker and William G. Rosenberg, eds., Strikes and revolution in Russia, 1917 James D. Tracy, ed., The rise of merchant empires: long-distance trade in the early modern world, 1350-1750 Derek Massarella, A world elsewhere: Europe’s encounter with Japan in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries Johannes Menne Postma, The Dutch in the Atlantic slave trade, 1600-1815 Patrick Manning, Slavery and African life: occidental, oriental and African slave trades Joseph W. Esherick and Mary Backus Rankin, eds., Chinese elites and patterns of dominance Philip C.C. Huang, The peasant family and rural development in the Yangzi delta, 1350-1988 Edward R. Beauchamp and Akira Iriye, eds., Foreign employees in nineteenth-century Japan Michael Cusumano, The Japanese automobile industry: technology and management at Nissan and Toyota Donald R. Hoke, Ingenious Yankees: the rise of the American system of manufactures in the private sector Joel Mokyr, The lever of riches: technological creativity and economic progress Claudia Goldin, Understanding the gender gap: an economic history of American women Stuart B. Kaufman and Peter J. Albert, eds., The Samuel Gompers papers, 3: unrest and depression, 1891-94 Sydney Checkland, Voices across the water: an Anglo-Canadian boyhood Barry Dyster and David Meredith, Australia in the international economy in the twentieth century G. Tortella, ed. Education and economic development since the industrial revolution James C. Riley, Sickness, recovery and death: a history and forecast of ill health T.R. Slater, ed. The built form of western cities Cyril Ehrlich, The piano: a history, revised edition Barry Eichengreen and Peter H. Lindert, eds., The international debt crisis in historical perspective David W. Galenson, ed., Markets in history: economic studies of the past