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Volume 56 Issue 3
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Pages: 563-594
Published online: March 3, 2004DOI: 10.1111/j.1468-0289.2003.00262.x

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Books reviewed in this article: A. D. M. Phillips and C. B. Phillips, eds., A new historical atlas of Cheshire Philip Riden, ed., The Victoria history of the counties of England: a history of the county of Northampton G. J. Benson and L. Ugolini, eds., A nation of shopkeepers: five centuries of British retailing Stanley Chapman, Hosiery and knitwear: four centuries of small-scale industry in Britain. c.1589-2000 Peter Borsay and Lindsay Proudfoot, eds., Provincial towns in early modern England and Ireland: change, convergence and divergence John Cramsie, Kingship and Crown finance under James VI and I, 1603-1625 Matthew and George Culley, Travel journals and letters, 1765-1798 John Cantrell and Gillian Cookson, eds., Henry Maudslay and the pioneers of the machine age Desmond Greer and James W. Nicolson, The factory acts in Ireland, 1802-1914 Charles K. Rawding, The Lincolnshire wolds in the nineteenth century Derek J. Oddy, From plain fare to fusion food: British diet from the 1890s to the 1990s Alan Fowler, Lancashire cotton operatives and work, 1900-1950: a social history of Lancashire cotton operatives in the twentieth century Martin Daunton, Just taxes: the politics of taxation in Britain, 1914-1979 Becky E. Conekin, ‘The autobiography of a nation’: the 1951 Festival of Britain Andrea Rusnock, Vital accounts: quantifying health and population in eighteenth-century England and France Martin Horn, Britain, France, and the financing of the First World War Mark Cioc, The Rhine: an eco-biography, 1815-2000 Helena Hamerow, Early medieval settlements: the archaeology of rural communities in north-west Europe, 400-900 Martina De Moor, Leigh Shaw-Taylor, and Paul Warde, eds., The management of common land in north west Europe, c. 1500-1850 Johan Soderberg and Janken Myrdal, The agrarian economy of sixteenth-century Sweden John Armstrong and Andreas Kunz, eds., Coastal shipping and the European economy, 1750-1980 Stephen A. Resnick and Richard D. Wolff, Class theory and history: capitalism and communism in the USSR Virginia G. Drackman, Enterprising women: 250 years of American business W. Carl Bliven, Jimmy Carter’s political economy: policy in an age of limits Colin M. Lewis, Argentina: a short history Maurice Wright, Japan’s fiscal crisis: the Ministry of Finance and the politics of public spending, 1975-2000 Zhaojin Ji, A history of modern Shanghai banking: the rise and decline of China’s finance capitalism Linsun Cheng, Banking in modern China: entrepreneurs, professional managers, and the development of Chinese banks, 1897-1937 Ts’ui-jung Liu, James Lee, David Sven Reher, Osamu Saito, and Wang Feng, eds., Asian population history Andrea Colli, The history of family business, 1850-2000 Eric Helleiner, The making of national money: territorial currencies in historical perspective