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Volume 56 Issue 2
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Pages: 369-402
Published online: November 3, 2003DOI: 10.1046/j.1468-0289.2003.00256.x

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Books reviewed in this article: Phillipp R. Schofield, Peasant and Community in Medieval England Ian Kershaw & David M. Smith (eds.), The Bolton Priory Compotus Michael Jones (ed.), Revolution and Consumption in Late Medieval England Peter Northeast (ed.), Wills of the Archdeaconry of Sudbury Pamela Sharpe, Population and Society in an East Devon Parish Donald Winch & Patrick K. O’Brien (eds.), The Political Economy of British Historical Experience S.D. Smith, ‘An Exact and Industrious Tradesman’ Nicola Verdon, Rural Women Workers in Nineteenth-Century England J.R. Wordie (ed.), Agriculture and Politics in England Lewis Johnman & Hugh Murphy, British Shipbuilding and the State Jairus Banaji, Agrarian Change in Late Antiquity Angeliki E. Laiou, The Economic History of Byzantium Adriaan Verhulst, The Carolingian Economy Adam Steinhouse, Workers’ Participation in Post-Liberation France Patrick Major & Jonathan Osmond (eds.), The Workers’ and Peasants’ State Rainer Karlsch & Raymond Stokes, The Chemistry must be Right Monica Chojnacka, Working Women of Early Modern Venice Harold James & Jacob Tanner (eds.), Enterprise in the Period of Fascism in Europe Wendy Z. Goldman, Women at the Gates David Armitage & Michael J. Braddick (eds.), The British Atlantic world Steven W. Usselman, Regulating Railroad Innovation Nikki Mandell, The Corporation as Family Bruce L. Gardner, American Agriculture in the Twentieth Century Stefano Battilossi & Youssef Cassis (eds.), European Banks and the American Challenge Geoffrey Jones & Lina Galvez-Munoz (eds.), Foreign Multinationals in the United States Mauro F. Guillen, The Limits of Convergence Dennis O. Flynn, Arturo Giraldez & James Sobredo (eds.), Studies in Pacific History Nick Tiratsoo, Junichi Hasegawa, Tony Mason & Takao Matsumara, Urban Reconstruction in Britain and Japan David Zweig, Internationalizing China Charles H. Feinstein & Mark Thomas, Making History Count Phillip Mirowski, Machine Dreams