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Volume 33 Issue 1
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Pages: 112-159
Published online: February 11, 2008DOI: 10.1111/j.1468-0289.1980.tb01160.x

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R. A. Leeson. Travelling Brothers: The Six Centuries’Road from Craft Fellowship to Trade Unionism Andrew B. Appleby N. K. Buxton, The Economic Development of the British Coal Industry Eric Pawson C. G. Owen. The Development of Industry in Burton upon Trent Norman McCord. North-East England: An Economic and Social History. Ursula R. Q. Henriques R.J. Morris D. A. Farnie R. W. Rennison F. B. Smith J. H. Treble W. J. Reader Robert Currie W. A. Thomas T. C. Smout (Ed.) P. A. Uselding (Ed.) R. S. Lopez Graeme Quick and Wesley Bochele Center FOR Medieval AND Renaissance Studies, University OF California, Los Angeles Carla Rahn Phillips Kenneth R. Andrews R. W. Jastram Jean-Louis Flandrin Herve Hasquin Reinhard Spree L. H. Lees Peter Gran Charles W. Bergquist P. Mathias and M. M. Postan (Eds.) Michael J. Piore Vera Zamagni B. R. Tomlinson Tom Traves