The Economic History Review


Volume 8 Issue 3
Pages: 439-460
Published online: February 11, 2008DOI: 10.1111/j.1468-0289.1956.tb01583.x

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Book Review in this Articles Victoria County History of Wiltshire, vol. 11, ed. R. B. Pugh and E. Grittall. The Victoria County History of Leicestershire, vol. 11, ed. W. G. Hoskins. L. F. Salzman. Building in England down to 1540. G. de Poerck. La draperie medievale en Flandre et en Artois: technique et teminologie. E. M. Carus-Wilson. Medieval Merchant Venturers. Collected Studies. Dom David Knowles. The Religious Orders in England Jean Schneider. Recherches sur la vie economique de Metz au XVe siecle: le livre de comptes des merciers messins Jean Le Clerc et Jacquemin de Moyeuvre (1460-1461). Frank Thistlethwaite. The Great Experiment: An introduction to the history of the American people. W. H. B. Court. A Concise Economic History of Britain, from 1750 to Recent Times. C. Hadfield. The Canals of Southern England. Milton Sydney Heath. Constructive Liberalism: the Role of the State in Economic Development in Georgia to 1860. Men in Business: Essays in the History of Entrepreneurship. Ed. William Miller. E. Louise Peffer. The Closing of the Public Domain: Disposal and Reservation Policies, 1900-1950. H. Duncan Hall. North American Supply.