The Economic History Review


Volume 7 Issue 2
Pages: 251-252
Published online: February 11, 2008DOI: 10.1111/j.1468-0289.1954.tb01528.x

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Book Reviewed in this article: Anthony Steel. The Receipt of the Exchequer, 1377-1485. A. Goodwin A. Temple Paterson. Radical Leicester. A History of Leicester, 1780-1850. S. J. Butlin. Foundations of the Australian Monetary System, 1788-1851. Aldo de Maddalena. La Politica Comnierciale Estera degli Stati Uniti dal 1789 al 181 Marx and Engels on Malthus, Selections from the writings of Marx and Engels dealing with the theories of Thomas Robert Malthus. Edited with an Introductory Essay and Notes by Ronald L. Meek. Introduction to Malthus. Edited by D. V. Glass. G. F. McCleary. The Malthusian Population Theory. Wilfred Malenbaum. The World Wheat Econonmy, 1885-1939. E. F. Souderlund A. K. Cairncross