The Economic History Review


Volume a13 Issue 1‐2
Pages: 116-130
Published online: February 11, 2008DOI: 10.1111/j.1468-0289.1943.tb01619.x

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Book Reviews in This Article: MEDIEVAL TAXATION William E. Lunt. Financiul Relations of the Papacy with England to 1327. BOROUGH CHARTERS. British Borough Charters. FRANCE AND ENGLAND, 1540-1640 John U. Nef. Industry and Government in France and England. THE ECONOMIC HISTORY REVIEW. SOME PURITAN LEADERS. W. K. Jordan. Men of Substance. GOLD W. P. Morrell. The Gold Rushes. CANADA. Minutes of the Hudson’s Bay Company. Minutes of Council, Northern Department of Rupert Land. The Letters of John McLoughlin, First Series, 1825-1838. Edited by E. E. Rich. Harold A. Innis. The Cod Fisheries; the History of an International Economy. STEEL D. L. Burn. The Economic History of Steelmaking. REPARATIONS. Charles G. Dawes. A Journal of Reparations. POPULATION. H. A. Shannon and E. Grebenik. The Population of Bristol.