The Economic History Review


Volume 40 Issue 4
Pages: 648-649
Published online: February 11, 2008DOI: 10.1111/j.1468-0289.1987.tb00452.x

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John Langdon. Horses, oxen and technological innovation: the use of draught animals in English farming from 1066 to 1500. Peter Spufford. Handbook of medieval exchange. Wilfred R. Prest. The rise of the barristers: a social history of the English bar, 1590-1640. J. V. Beckett. The aristocracy in England, 1660-1914. Neil McKendrick and R. B. Outhwaite (Eds.). Business life and public policy: essays in honour of D. C. Coleman. Pat Hudson. The genesis of industrial capital: a study of the West Riding wool textile industry, c. 1750-1850. Barbara Smith (Ed.). Truth, liberty, religion; essays celebrating two hundred years of Manchester College. Martin Doughty (Ed.). Building the industrial city. R. P. T. Davenport-Hines (Ed.). Markets and bagmen: studies in the history of marketing and British industrial performance, 1830-1939. Negley Harte. The University of London, 1836-1986: an illustrated history. C. J. Wrigley (Ed.). A history of British industrial relations: volume II Harold L. Smith (Ed.). War and social change: British society in the Second World War. D. C. Coleman. History and the economic past: an account of the rise and decline of economic history in Britain. B. Elbaum and W. Lazonick (Eds.). The decline of the British economy. T. W. Moody and W. E. Vaughan (Eds.). A new history of Ireland: IV eighteenth-century Ireland, 1691-1800. Martha C. Howell. Women, production and patriarchy in late medieval cities. Pierre Goubert. The French peasantry in the seventeenth century. K. Honeyman and J. Goodman. Technology and enterprise: Isaac Holden and the mechanization of woolcombing in France, 1848-1914. Manfred Pohl. Entstehung und Entwicklung des Universalbankensystems: Konzentration und Krise ah wichtige Faktoren. Andreas Kunz. Civil servants and the politics of inflation in Germany, 1914-1924. Beitrage zu Inflation und Wideraufbau in Deutschland und Europa William C. McNeil. American money and the Weimar Republic: economics and politics on the eve of the great depression. Volker R. Berghahn. The Americanization of West German industry, 1945-1973. A. F. Freris. The Greek economy in the twentieth century. Thomas M. Doerflinger. A vigorous spirit of enterprise: merchants and economic development in revolutionary Philadelphia. Stephanie Jones. Two centuries of overseas trading: the origins and growth of the Inchcape Group. Francesca Bray. The rice economies: technology and development in Asian societies. Kang Chao. Man and land in Chinese history: an economic analysis. David Harvey. Consciousness and the urban experience: studies in the history and theory of capitalist urbanization. Charles Hadfield. World canals: inland navigation past and present. Priyatosh Maitra. Population, technology and development. Lloyd Bonfield, Richard M. Smith and Keith Wrightson (Eds.). The world we have gained: histories of population and social structure. Essays presented to Peter Laslett on his seventieth birthday. Raymond W. Goldsmith. Comparative national balance sheets: a study of twenty countries, 1688-1978.