The Economic History Review


Volume a9 Issue 2
Pages: 193-223
Published online: February 11, 2008DOI: 10.1111/j.1468-0289.1939.tb00005.x

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Book reviewed in this article THE OPEN FIELDS. MEDIEVAL TRADE. Henri Laurent. Un Grand Commerce d’Exportation au Moyen Age. La Draperie des Pays-Bas en France et dans les Pays Mediterraneens. Elizabeth Chapin. Les Villes de Foires de Champagne des Orgines au Debut du XIVe Siecle. EUROPE SINCE THE REFORMATION. Eurojean Civilization, Its Origin and Development. By Various Contributors under the direction of Edward Eyre. ECONOMIC THOUGHT. E. A. J. Johnson. Predecessors of Adam Smith: the Growth of British Eonomic Thought. A HISTORY OF EDUCATION. M. G. Jones. The Charity School Movement. ENGLISH LAW. Sir William Holdsworth. A History of English Law. MIGRATIONS. R. B. Madgwick. Immigration into Eastern Australia, 1788-1851. D. F. Macdonald. Scotland’s Shifting Population, 1770-1850. THE EARLY EMPIRE. D. G. Creighton. The Commercial Empire of the St. Lawrence, 1760-1850. Brian Fitzpatrick. British Imperialism and Australia, 1783-1833. An Economic History of Australia. THE AGE OF REFORM. E. L. Woodward. The Age of Reform, 1815-70. LABOUR AND WAGES. A. L. Bowley. Wages and Income in the United Kingdom since 1860. Jurgen Kuczynski. Labour Conditions in Western Europe 1820 to 1935. THE POLICY OF SILVER. Jean Paul Hutter. La question de la monnaie d’argent aux Etats Unis des origines a 1900: L’incidence economique de la frappe de monnaie d’argent aux Etats-Unis de 1878 a 1893 interpretations contemporaines et essai d’evaluation quantitative. CREDIT AND FINANCE. R. G. Hawtrey. A Century of Bank Rate. Ursula K. Hicks. The Finance of British Government, 1920-36. INFLATION IN GERMANY. Costantino Bresciani-Turroni. The Economics of Inflation.