The Economic History Review


Volume 40 Issue 3
Pages: 461-462
Published online: February 11, 2008DOI: 10.1111/j.1468-0289.1987.tb00443.x

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M. W. Barley. Houses and history. Frank T. Melton. Sir Robert Clayton and the origins of English deposit banking, 1658-1685. John Rule. The labouring classes in early industrial England, 1750-1850. Clive Trebilcock. Phoenix Assurance and the development of British assurance, Vol. I, 1782-1870. J. A. Cantrell. James Nasmyth and the Bridgewater Foundry: a study of entrepreneurship in the early engineering industry Andrew Porter. Victorian shipping and imperial policy: Donald Currie, the Castle Line and South Africa. Roger J. P. Kain. An atlas and index of the tithe files of mid-nineteenth-century England and Wales. Anne Digby. Madness, morality and medicine: a study of the York Retreat, 1796-1914. Dudley Baines. Migration in a mature economy: emigration and internal migration in England and Wales, 1861-1901. Mark Blaug. Economic history and the history of economics. Leslie Hannah. Inventing retirement: the development of occupational pensions in Britain. Peter Mathias and Stuart Bruchey (Eds.). British economic history. An eighteen-volume series of theses. Alfred W. Crosby. Ecological imperialism: the biological expansion of Europe, 900-1900. Barbara A. Hanawalt (Ed.). Women and work in preindustrial Europe. A. J. Coale and S. C. Watkins (Eds.). The decline of fertility in Europe. Anne Lombard-Jourdan. Aux origines de Paris: la genese de la rive droite jusqu’en 1223. Catharina Lis. Social change and the labouring poor: Antwerp, 1770-1860. Gerard Delille. Famille et propriete dans la Royaume de Naples, XVe-XIXc Siecle. Carl G. Gustavson. The small giant: Sweden enters the industrial era. Karl-Gustav Hildebrand. Expansion, crisis, reconstruction: the Swedish Match Company, 1917-1939 Silvana Malle. The economic organization of war communism, 1918-21. Arcadius Kahan. The plow, the hammer and the knout: an economic history of eighteenth-century Russia. David W. Galenson. Traders, planters and slaves, market behaviour in early English America. Oliver A. Rink. Holland on the Hudson: an economic and social history of Dutch New York. Charles Bergquist. Labor in Latin America: comparative essays on Chile, Argentina, Venezuela, and Colombia. Yen-P’ing Hao. The commercial revolution in nineteenth-century China: the rise of Sino-western mercantile capitalism. Kesaji Kobayashi and Hidemasa Morikawa (Eds.). Development of managerial enterprise. David Coleman and Roger Schofield (Eds.). The state of population theory: forward from Malthus. R. I. Rotberg and T. K. Rabb (Eds.). Population and economy: population and history from the traditional to the modern world. Herman Van Der Wee. Prosperity and upheaval: the world economy, 1945-1980.