The Economic History Review


Volume 40 Issue 1
Pages: 95-157
Published online: February 11, 2008DOI: 10.1111/j.1468-0289.1987.tb00423.x

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Book reviewed in this article REVIEW OF PERIODICAL LITERATURE, 1985 GREAT BRITAIN Alan Macfarlane. Marriage and love in England: modes of reproduction, 1300-1840. A. L. Beier & Roger Finlay (Eds.) The making of the metropolis: London, 1500-1700. Gary Stuart De Krey. A fractured society: the politics of London in the first age of party, 1688-1715. Celia Miller. The account books of Thomas Smith, Ireley Farm, Hailes, Gloucestershire, 1865-1871 Joel Mokyr. The economics of the industrial revolution. Gail Malmgreen. Silk town: industry and culture in Macclesfield, 1750-7835. C. Emsley and J. Walvin (Eds.). Artisans, peasants and proletarians, 1760-1860. Jane Lewis Angela V. John John Knott. Popular opposition to the 1834 Poor Law. Pat Thane and Anthony Sutcliffe (Eds.). Essays in social history, volume 2. Roger Swift and Sheridan Gilley (Eds.). The Irish in the Victorian city. M. J. Daunton. Royal Mail: the Post Office since 1840. Gordon Phillips and Noel Whiteside. The unemployment question in the port transport industry. Roger Davidson. Whitehall and the labour problem in late-Victorian and Edwardian England. Paul JohnsonSaving and spending: the working-class economy in Britain, 1870-1939. G. C. Peden. British economic and social policy: Lloyd George to Margaret Thatcher. Richard Saville Charles Wilson. First with the news: the history of W. H. Smith, 1792-1972. Derek H. Aldcroft. The British economy. Volume I. The years of turmoil, 1920-1951. GENERAL John M. Merriman. The red city: Limoges and the French nineteenth century. Malou Haine. Les facteurs d’instruments de musique a paris au 19e siecle: les artisans face a l’industrialisation. Maurice Leavy-Leboyer and Franclois Bourgignon. L’economie francaise au XIXe siecle. Robert G. Moeller Thomas N. Bisson. Fiscal accounts of Catalonia under the early count-kings, 1151-1213. T. H. Aston and C. H. E. Philpin (Eds.). The Brenner debate: agrarian class structure and economic development in pre-industrial Europe. Paul M. Hohenberg and Lynn Hollen Lees. The making of urban Europe, 1000-1950. Jonathan I. Israel. European Jewry in the age of mercantilism, 1550-1750. Wolfgang J. Mommsen and Hans-Gerhard Husung (Eds.). The development of trade unionism in Great Britain and Germany, 1880-1914. John Gillingham. Industry and politics in the Third Reich: Ruhr coal, Hitler and Europe. John R. Lampe. The Bulgarian economy in the twentieth century. Om Prakash. The Dutch East Indian Company and the economy of Bengal, 1630-1720 Jackson Turner Main. Society and economy in colonial Connecticut. Francis G. Couvares. The remaking of Pittsburgh: class and culture in an industrializing city, 1877-1918. Chris Mcguffie. Working in metal: management and labour in the metal industries of Europe and the USA, 1890-1914. Sanford M. Jacoby. Employing bureaucracy: managers, unions and the transformation of work in American industry, 1900-1945. Jon Gjerde. From peasants to farmers: the migration from Balestrand Norway, to the upper Middle West. Bernd Martin and Alan S. Milward (Eds.). Agriculture and food supply in the second world war. Michael F. Hendy. Studies in the Byzantine monetary economy, c. 300-1450. B. L. Anderson and A. J. H. Latham (Eds.). The market in history. Wolfgang J. Mommsen and Jurgen Osterhammel (Eds.). Imperialism and after: continuities and discontinuities Robert Higgs Forrest Capie and Geoffrey E. Wood (Eds.). Financial crises and the world banking system.