The Economic History Review


Volume 37 Issue 4
Pages: 609-639
Published online: February 11, 2008DOI: 10.1111/j.1468-0289.1984.tb00354.x

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Book reviewed in this article GREAT BRITAIN D. A. Crowley (Ed.). The Victoria History of the Counties of England: A History of the County of Wiltshire. Vol. XII. T. H. Aston, P. R. Coss, Christopher Dyer and Joan Thirsk(Eds.). Social Relations and Ideas: Essays in Honour of R. H. Hilton. Susan M. Wright. The Derbyshire Gentry in the Fifteenth Century. John Bohstedt. Riots and Community Politics in England and Wales, 1790-1810. S. R. Cope. Walter Boyd: A Merchant Banker in the Age of Napoleon. Derek H. Aldcroft and Michael J. Freeman(Eds.). Transport in the Industrial Revolution. John K. Walton and James Walvin(Eds.). Leisure in Britain, 1780-1939. Katrina Honeyman. Origins of Enterprise: Business Leadership in the Industrial Revolution. John Garrard. Leadership and Power in Victorian Industrial Towns, 1830-80. Frances Finnegan. Poverty and Prejudice: A Study of Irish Immigrants in York, 1840-1875. David Brooke. The Railway Navvy. Frances Widdowson. Going Up into the Next Class: Women and Elementary Teacher Training, 1840-1914. Sydney and Olive Checkland. Industry and Ethos: Scotland, 1832-1914. David J. Jeremy (Ed.). Dictionary of Business Biography: A Biographical Dictionary of Business Leaders Active in Britain in the Period 1860-1980. Vol. 1: A-C. Forrest Capie and Michael Collins. The Inter-War British Economy: A Statistical Abstract. William Knox (Ed.). Scottish Labour Leaders, 1918-1939: A Biographical Dictionary. John Stevenson. British Society, 1914-1945. Peter Pagnamenta and Richard Overy. All Our Working Lives. J. H. van Stuijvenberg (Ed.). The Interactions of Amsterdam and Antwerp with the Baltic Region, 1400-1800. Artur Attman. Dutch Enterprise in the World Bullion Trade, 1550-1800. Sarah C. Maza. Servants and Masters in Eighteenth-Century France: The Uses of Loyalty. Franclois Jequier Nikolai Todorov. The Balkan City, 1400-1900. Maldwyn A. Jones. The Limits of Liberty: American History, 1607-1980. Philip Scranton. Proprietary Capitalism: The Textile Manufacture at Philadelphia, 1800-1885. Walter Licht. Working for the Railroad: The Organization of Work in the Nineteenth Century. Gary M. Walton and James F. Shepherd(Eds.). Market Institutions and Economic Progress in the New South, 1865-1900. Colin M. Lewis. British Railways in Argentina, 1857-1914: A Case Study of Foreign Investment. London: Athlone Press for the Institute of Latin American Studies, University of London. 1983. Pp. xii+259. 41 tables. 2 graphs. 5 maps. PS20.) Michelle Burge McAlpin. Subject to Famine: Food Crises and Economic Change in Western India, 1860-1920. Frank H. H. King (Ed.). Eastern Banking: Essays in the History of The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation. Robert H. Bates. Essays on the Political Economy of Rural Africa. Norman Etherington. Theories of Imperialism: War, Conquest, and Capital.