The Economic History Review


Volume 37 Issue 2
Pages: 274-274
Published online: February 11, 2008DOI: 10.1111/j.1468-0289.1984.tb00334.x

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GREAT BRITAIN G. Whittington and I. D. Whyte (Eds.). An Historical Geography of Scotland. Mark Buck. Politics, Finance, and the Church in the Reign of Edward II: Walter Stapledon, Treasurer of England. Cicely Howell. Land, Family, and Inheritance in Transition: Kibworth Harcourt, 1280-1700. G. D. Ramsay. The English Woollen Industry, 1500-1750. Lloyd Bonfield. Marriage Settlements, 1601-1740: The Adoption of the Strict Settlement. Barbara English and John Saville. Strict Settlement: A Guide for Historians. Harold Pollins. Economic History of the Jews in England. D. T. Jenkins and K. G. Ponting. The British Wool Textile Industry, 1770-1914. Richard G. Wilson. Greene King: A Business and Family History. Roger Morris. The Royal Dockyards during the Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars. D. J. Rowe. Lead Manufacturing in Britain: A History. Brian Harrison. Peaceable Kingdom: Stability and Change in Modern Britain. Anthony S. Wohl. Endangered Lives: Public Health in Victorian Britain. Michael J. Winstanley. The Shopkeeper’s World, 1830-1914. Henry Weisser. April 10: Challenge and Response in England in 1848. P. J. Waller. Town, City, and Nation: England 1850-1914. Joseph Buckman. Immigrants and the Class Struggle: The Jewish Immigrant in Leeds, 1880-1914. Joseph Melling. Rent Strikes: Peoples’Struggle for Housing in West Scotland, 1890-1916. Jonathan S. Boswell. Business Policies in the Making: Three Steel Companies Compared. J. R. Winton. Lloyds Bank, 1918-1969. E. H. Phelps Brown. The Origins of Trade Union Power. Paul Thompson, Tony Wailey and Trevor Lummis. Living the Fishing. GENERAL N. B. Harte and K. G. Ponting (Eds.). Cloth and Clothing in Medieval Europe: Essays in Memory of Professor E. M. Carus-Wilson. F. M. L. Thompson (Ed.). Horses in European Economic History: A Preliminary Canter. Pino Arlacchi. Mafia, Peasants, and Great Estates: Society in Traditional Calabria. James C. Boyajian. Portuguese Bankers at the Court of Spain, 1626-1650. Hermann Rebel. Peasant Classes: The Bureaucratization of Property and Family Relations under Early Habsburg Absolutism, 1511-1636. John Komlos. The Habsburg Monarchy as a Customs Union: Economic Development in Austria-Hungary in the Nineteenth Century. Leslie Page Moch. Paths to the City: Regional Migration in Nineteenth-Century France. Roger Price. The Modernization of Rural France: Communications Networks and Agricultural Market Structures in Nineteenth-Century France. Eddy van Cauwenberghe. Het Vorstelijk Domein en de Overheidsfinancien in de Nederlanden (15de en 16de eeuw): Een Kwantitatieve Analyse van Vlaamse en Brabantse Domeinrekeningen. Frank C. Spooner. Risks at Sea: Amsterdam Insurance and Maritime Europe, 1766-1780. Daniel Degreve. Le Commerce exterieur de la Belgique, 1830-1913-1939: Presentation critique des donnees statistiques. S. A. Smith. Red Petrograd: Revolution in the Factories, 1917-1918. David G. Alexander. Atlantic Canada and Confederation: Essays in Canadian Political Economy, compiled by Eric W. Sager, Lewis R. Fischer, and Stuart O. Pierson. Jonathan Prude. The Coming of Industrial Order: Town and Factory Life in Rural Massachusetts, 1810-1860. Eugene Nelson White. The Regulation and Reform of the American Banking System, 1900-1929. Valerie Jean Conner. The National War Labor Board: Stability, Social Justice, and the Voluntary State in World War I. Nelson Lichtenstein. Labor’s War at Home: The CIO in World War II. Howell J. Harris. The Right to Manage: Industrial Relations Policies of American Business in the 1940s. B. S. McBeth. Juan Vincente Gomez and the Oil Companies in Venezuela, 1908-1935. Robert Grant Irving. Indian Summer: Lutyens, Baker, and Imperial Delhi. Richard Newman. Workers and Unions in Bombay, 1918-1929: A Study of Organization in the Cotton Mills. Howard F. Gospel and Craig R. Littler (Eds.). Managerial Strategies and Industrial Relations: An Historical and Comparative Study. John Cunningham Wood. British Economists and the Empire. K. E. Born. International Banking in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries. A. W. Coats (Ed.). Economists in Government: An International Comparative Study. Studies in Economic and Social History