The Economic History Review


Volume 37 Issue 1
Pages: 115-165
Published online: February 11, 2008DOI: 10.1111/j.1468-0289.1984.tb00323.x

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GREAT BRITAIN A. Crossley (Ed.). The Victoria History of the Counties of England: A History of the County of Oxford. E. W. Ives. The Common Lawyers of Pre-Reformation England. Thomas Kebell: A Case Study. Rosemary O’Day. Education and Society, 1500-1800: The Social Foundations of Education in Early Modern Britain. Harold Silver. Education as History: Interpreting Nineteenth and Twentieth Century Education. D. M. Palliser. The Age of Elizabeth: England under the later Tudors, 1547-1603. Christopher Hill, Barry Reay & William Lamont, The World of the Muggletonians. Philip Jenkins. The Making of a Ruling Class: The Glamorgan Gentry, 1640-1790. Neil R. Wright. History of Lincolnshire, Volume XI: Lincolnshire Towns and Industry, 1700-1914. Ian Inkster & Jack Morrell (Eds.). Metropolis and Province: Science in British Culture, 1780-1850. Michael Sanderson. Education, Economic Change, and Society in England, 1780-1870. C. J. A. Robertson. The Origins of the Scottish Railway System, 1722-1844. Jill Quadragno. Aging in Early Industrial Society: Work, Family and Social Policy in Nineteenth Century England. Heather A. Clemenson. English Country Houses and Landed Estates. David Englander. Landlord and Tenant in Urban Britain, 1838-1918. Melanie Tebbutt. Making Ends Meet: Pawnbroking and Working Class Credit. Jay Winter (Ed.). The Working Class in British History: Essays in Honour of Henry Pelling. Peter Young. Power of Speech: A History of Standard Telephones and Cables, 1883-1983. Edwin Green & Michael Moss. A Business of National Importance: The Royal Mail Shipping Group, 1902-1937. Keith Jeffery And Peter Hennessy. States of Emergency: British Governments and Strikebreaking since 1919. Charles Feinstein (Ed.). The Managed Economy: Essays in British Economic Policy and Performance since 1929. GENERAL Enrique Gimenez Lopez. Alicante en el siglo XVIII: economia de una ciudad portuaria en el antiguo regimen. GENERAL Charles M. de la Ronciere. Prix et Salaires a Florence au XIVe Siecle, 1280-1380. Martine Segalen. Love and Power in the Peasant Family: Rural France in the Nineteenth Century. Robert Frankenstein. Le prix du rearmement francais, 1935-1939. W. O. Henderson. Friedrich List: Economist and Visionary, 1789-1846. J. Thomas Lindblad. Sweden’s Trade with the Dutch Republic, 1738-1795. Richard Wall (Ed.), in collaboration with Jean Robin and Peter Laslett. Family Forms in Historic Europe. A. Rupert Hall. The Revolution in Science, 1500-1750. Patrick O’Brien (Ed.). Railways and the Economic Development of Western Europe, 1830-1914. Gloria L. Main. Tobacco Colony: Life in Early Maryland, 1650-1720. Peter D. McClelland and Richard J. Zeckhauser. Demographic Dimensions of the New Republic: American Interregional Migration, Vital Statistics, and Manumissions, 1800-1860. Julia A. Matthei. An Economic History of Women in America: Women’s Work, the Sexual Division of Labour, and the Development of Capitalism. Patrick A. Dunae. Gentlemen Emigrants: From the British Public Schools to the Canadian Frontier. Raymond W. Goldsmith. The Financial Development of India, 1860-1977. Paul Mosley. The Settler Economies: Studies in the Economic History of Kenya and Southern Rhodesia, 1900-1963. Tom Kemp. Industrialization in the Non-Western World. Orlando Patterson. Slavery and Social Death: A Comparative Study. Nathan Rosenberg. Inside the Black Box: Technology and Economics.