The Economic History Review


Volume 36 Issue 3
Pages: 449-481
Published online: February 11, 2008DOI: 10.1111/j.1468-0289.1983.tb01243.x

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Reviewed in this article: GREAT BRITAIN A. R. Bridbury.Medieval English Clothmaking: An Economic Survey. Michael Gervers (Ed.) The Cartulary of the Knights of St. John of Jerusalem in England. Geoffrey Holmes Augustan England: Professions, State and Society, 1680-1730. Ross Wordie.Estate Management in Eighteenth Century England: The Building of the Leveson-Gower Fortune. Neil Mc Kendrick, John Brewer J. H. Plumb. The Birth of a Consumer Society: The Commercialization of Eighteenth-century England. Derek Gregory. Regional Transformation and Industrial Revolution: A Geography of the Yorkshire Woolen Industry. Barrie Trinder. The Making of the Industrial Landscape. Charles W. Munn.The Scottish Provincial Banking Companies, 1747-1864. Craig Calhoun. The Question of Class Struggle: Social Foundations of Popular Radicalism during the Industrial Revolution. James Epstein and Dorothy Thompson (Eds.). The Chartist Experience: Studies in Working-Class Radicalism and Culture, 1830-1860. Franclois Crouzet.The Victorian Economy. Translated by Anthony Forster. Jeffrey Cox. The English Churches in a Secular Society: Lambeth, 1870-1930. P. Thane. The Foundations of the Welfare State. T. R. Nicholson. The Birth of the British Motor Car. Theo Barker. THE TRANSPORT CONTRACTORS OF RYE. GENERAL Maurice Aymard (Ed.). Dutch Capitalism and World Capitalism. Gregor Dallas. The Imperfect Peasant Economy: The Loire Country, 1800-1914. Michel Lescure. Les banques, VEtat et le marche immobilier en France a I’efioque contemporaine, 1820-1940. Hugh D. Clout. The Land of France, 1815-1914. G. D. Feldman, C. L. Holtfrerich, G. A. Ritter, P-C. Witt, (Eds.)- The German Inflation Reconsidered: A Preliminary Balance. V. R. Berghahn. Modem Germany: Society, Economy, and Politics in the Twentieth Century. John Edwards. Christian Cordoba: The City and its Region in the Late Middle Ages. Richard Hellie. Slavery in Russia, 1450-1725. George Yaney. The Urge to Mobilize: Agrarian Reform in Russia, 1861-1930. Ivaan T. Berend and Gyourgy Raanki. The European Periphery and Industrialisation, 1780-1914. Margaret Walsh. The Rise of the Midwestern Meat Packing Industry. David Rosner. A Once Charitable Enterprise: Hospitals and Health Care in Brooklyn and New York, 1885-191S. NeilFligstein. Going North: Migration of Blacks from the South, 1900-1950. Thomas F. O’Brien. The Nitrate Industry and Chile’s Crucial Transition, 1870-1891. Anupam Sen. The State, Industrialization, and Class Formations in India: A Neo-Marxist Perspective on Colonialism, Underdevelopment and Development. Mikiso Hane. Peasants, Rebels, and Outcastes: The Underside of Modern Japan. Michio Morishima. Why has Japan “Succeeded”?: Western Techonology and the Japanese Ethos. Gilbert Rozman. Population and Marketing Settlements in Ch’ing China. Charles Issawi. An Economic History of the Middle East and North Africa. Peter Richardson. Chinese Mine Labour in the Transvaal.