The Economic History Review


Volume 43 Issue 3
Pages: 483-532
Published online: February 11, 2008DOI: 10.1111/j.1468-0289.1990.tb00543.x

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Gervase Rosser, Medieval Westminster, 1200-1540 Michael Aston, David Austin, and Christopher Dyer, eds., The rural settlements of medieval England Mark Bailey, A marginal economy? Peter Earle, The making of the English middle class Christine MacLeod, Inventing the industrial revolution C.W. Chalklin and J.R. Wordie, eds., Town and countryside G.E. Mingay, ed., The agrarian history of England and Wales, vi, 1750-1850 R.A. Buchanan, The engineers Charles More, The industrial age T.M. Devine and Rosalind Mitchison, eds., People and society in Scotland, I, 7760-1830 Anne Digby, British welfare policy Patrick Brantlinger, ed., Energy and entropy John Benson, The working class in Britain, 1850-1939 Patricia Hollis, Ladies elect A.M. McBriar, An Edwardian mixed doubles. The Bosanquets versus the Webbs A.D.M. Phillips, The underdrawing of farmland in England during the nineteenth century Charles F. Harvey and Jon Press, eds., Studies in the business history of Bristol S. Fisher, ed., Innovations in shipping and trade Laurie Dennett, Slaughter and May Penny Summerfield, Women workers in the Second World War David Thorns, War, industry and society Alec Cairncross, ed., The Robert Hall diaries, 1947-1953 Henry Pelling, Britain and the Marshall Plan John Walter and Roger Schofield Jonathan I. Israel, Dutch primacy in world trade, 1585-1740 Herbert Kisch, From domestic nwnufacture to industrial revolution Richard Lawton, ed., The rise and fall of great cities Ian Blanchard, Russia’s age of silver Orlando Figes, Peasant Russia, civil war William M. Mathew, Edmund Ruffin and the crisis of slavery in the old south Harvey A. Levenstein, Revolution at the table Mira Wilkins, The history of foreign investment in the United States to 1914 Gary Gerstle, Working-class Americanism Erick D. Langer, Economic change and rural resistance in southern Bolivia, 1880-1930 Colin Newbury, The diamond ring T. Dyson, ed., India’s historical demography